UL Audit Services

Quality Assurance Solutions

UL provides the intelligence and tools that businesses need to develop and implement sustainable business practices within their supply chains.


Since 1894, UL has been a respected leader in safety science. Today, UL is advancing its commitment to protecting people, products and places through expert advisory and independent quality assurance testing, inspections, and assessments for a wide range of consumer products. Our network of more than 131 laboratory testing and certification facilities in 39 countries helps drive the integrity of global supply chains, optimize product performance and protect brands.

Inspection Services

UL’s comprehensive inspection programs provide a vital check on product quality at every stage of production to help minimize potential problems posed by global sourcing. From factory to shelf, we help ensure products and packaging meets your brand specifications, as well as international regulations and standards.

Audit Services

From factories and warehouses to distribution centers and stores, companies with global reach and worldwide brands rely on UL for their audit needs. With extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, our audit specialists work within applicable code-of-conduct and governing frameworks to provide essential information that enables brand managers, compliance officers and quality assurance specialists to make informed decisions directly impacting brand credibility and product marketability.