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Information, data and advice to help small and medium manufacturers markets and communicate more effectively. Participates In NTMA Purchasing Fair, Connects US Buyers With US Suppliers

On September 8th, 2011, participated in the NTMA Purchasing Fair in Chicago, IL. The event was held at the Intercontinental Hotel at O'Hare, and was considered a huge success on many levels.

MFGWatch Survey of European Manufacturers - Q2 2011

Beginning in the first quarter of 2011, expanded its MFGWatch Quarterly Survey of North American Manufacturers to include manufacturers from Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA). The survey was conducted from the Paris office, and the second quarterly survey for that region was just completed.

'Made In The USA' Makes A Comeback - Reuters & Survey Confirms Reshoring Trend

The reshoring movement - repatriating production back to the US from overseas - is gaining steam.

In a piece produced and posted by Reuters Insider, and using data collected in a joint survey by and Reuters, the reshoring trend is examined and discussed by CEOs, shop floor workers, economists and journalists.

MFGWatch Survey: 'Significant' Supply Chain Disruptions Rise

More North American buy-side manufacturers report they've experienced "a significant supply chain disruption" in the first quarter of 2011. In the latest MFGWatch Survey, 42% of manufacturers say those disruptions were serious enough to require looking for or actually selecting alternative sources of supply.

Hey Manufacturers - Get Strategic About Your Marketing

In a recent article from The Fabricator titled Strategic Marketing for Manufacturers, sound marketing advice is given to small and midsized manufacturers. There are four main items that form the strategy, and several subtopics. Here's MOJO's take, with some additional advice.

"Marketing Is An Investment, Not An Expense"

The Guys In Short Ties

Today, MOJO welcomes a guest post from Anita Berlanga, a principal at Bear Boring, LLC - a contract and custom manufacturer in Wyoming, Illinois.

Training Program Helps With Success On And Off

Manufacturers need all the help they can get these days. Not only can a membership on expose manufacturers to prospects and customers from next door to around the world, it can also help you become better at marketing your business.

We've introduced a 4-week training program called Boot Camp that comes with each membership in the marketplace. The training you'll receive over the first four weeks of your membership is designed to help ensure your success on

Hey Manufacturers - Watch Seth Godin On Tribes To Market Your Business Better

I'm not one to latch onto or spread parlor tricks - the usually have no legs, have little nutritional value to manufacturing businesses and they distract us from the real work to be done.

MFGWatch Survey: Supply Chain Risks, Backshoring Rise; Small Manufacturers Add Jobs, Large Manufacturers Cut has conducted the latest MFGWatch survey of North American manufacturers (select this link for the complete survey results and a downloadable PDF). The survey focused on their activities in the second quarter of 2010, and on their expectations for the third quarter.

iPhone 4 Flaw: Was It Design Or A Supply Chain Issue, Too?

There are clearly more questions than answers right now about what's caused Apple's iPhone 4 design faux pas. With a company that size and with the command & control that comes with it, that's not surprising. I mean, these guys just KNOW how to manage a message.