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Five Best Practices For Finding Quality, Qualified Workers

The trend of reshoring is picking up more steam these days as OEMs and large manufacturers realize the total costs of managing extended supply CEO Mitch Free On CNBC; Comments on Manufacturing in Japan and Social Media for Small Business

Mitch Free, founder & CEO appears on CNBC's Small Business Council to discuss Social Media for Small Businesses and comments on manufacturing in Japan given the recent disaster in the region and its effect on Supply Chain operations.

Here is some background on CNBC's Small Business Council: CEO Mitch Free On CNBC's Small Business Council

Mitch Free, founder & CEO, has been recruited into the inaugral class of CNBC's Small Business Council.

MFGWatch Survey: Employment Activity Uneven; Supply Chain Disruptions, Reshoring Activity Drop has conducted the latest MFGWatch survey of North American manufacturers (select this link for the complete survey results and a downloadable PDF). The survey focused on their activities in the third quarter of 2010, and on their expectations for the fourth quarter. Nearly 1400 Buyer organizations and small/medium-sized manufacturers responded to the most recent MFGWatch survey.

Seth Godin Disses Manufacturers - Again

I recently called Seth to task for dropping a take on manufacturing that showed a lack of appreciation or even basic understanding of it (Will The Real Seth Godin Please Grow Up?).

Will The Real Seth Godin Please Grow Up?

Now this is one smart - and hansome - devil. Well, most of the time ...

Death Of The Continental Economy

There are two sides to the reshoring issue in the U.S.

The Realities of Reshoring in 2010

The Business Outlook Survey realeased yesterday by the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia paints a bit of a bleak picture of realities of reshoring production to the US.

Revisiting Reshoring - Accelerating, But Gradually

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few observations, articles and examples regarding the emerging "trend" of reshoring (or backshoring, or in shoring) production back to the U.S.

US Commerce Secretary Talks About US Manufacturing's Growth, Jobs, Future

This video interview (posted yesterday) has the Secretary pointing out that many foreign manufacturers are moving production to the US, and talking tough about supporting future growth and creating manufacturing jobs. Encouraging - but as a good friend of mine likes to say, "We'll see ..."

Keep this one in your pocket and let's come back and listen in 6 months.

(Thanks Bloomberg, for disabling the embed code for this YouTube posted video. I mean, come on - it's on YouTube!!!!)