Buyers and Manufacturers Alike Can’t Say Enough Good Things About MFG


Scott Hollenbeck

5.0     

This is a great way to reach hundreds of potential manufacturers at once. All of my experiences to date have been 100% satisfactory.

Chris Behnke

5.0     

As a machining supplier, being able to quote on so many jobs in very different fields has been a huge asset to understanding where the rest of the market is and aligning our business to be competitive with it.

We have already added 3 new customers in the short time we have been using it.

Eric Goldman

5.0     

The platform is easy to use and effective. It has saved me thousands of dollars in savings on custom made parts over a small number of orders. Savings on some items have approached 80% vs. previous sources.

The support is knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, and genuinely passionate about what they do. The platform has truly been a joy to use. Take that as rare praise from an engineer not typically prone to effusive expressions of emotion in a product review.

Blair Weiss

5.0     

MFG is a great way to find suppliers for all types of sourcing.

Simply upload a drawing or 3D file and companies bid for your job and they do it quickly.

I have saved $$$ over local suppliers, even over our in house machine shop and sometimes quicker delivery.

Moto-East Tuning

5.0     

We've used MFG to get some low volume production items made and were more than pleased with the site and how it operates!

Our latest RFQ was under three weeks from design to delivery, which we could never achieve if were constrained by how busy our local machinists are. The ability to outsource only to US/NA contractors is a huge bonus.

Dan P

5.0     

I've used MFG multiple times to source new manufacturers for our 100% made in the USA products.

It's been a easy way for me to navigate the RFQ process and as someone with very little sourcing experience I can't imagine doing it any other way. Highly recommend.

K Bennet

5.0     

MFG has been an instrumental source of new, competitive suppliers for us. Has been especially helpful in navigating and validating Asian suppliers, and finding reliable US suppliers.

Mike Galinac

5.0     

mfg has been a valuable sales tool in concert without our conventional methods. Some of our very best long term customers have come as a result of quoting RFQs on the site.

Dean Barnhart

5.0     

As a new user my experience has been outstanding. We are a supplier and the ease of quoting makes this a great tool.

François-Xavier Terny

5.0     

Invaluable tool, platform, supplier base, and back office expertise for industrial companies, especially new companies!