Xcelicut was looking for high production customers that wanted to work together long term.


With a background in engineering, Will Fennell started Xcelicut in 2019. Xcelicut utilizes high efficiency machining techniques, specializing in CNC machining and turning. Their goal is to incorporate as little manual operation as possible in order to stay competitive and reduce cost and lead time for their customers.

“Other platforms don’t allow you to speak to the customer. On MFG if I have a question about the part before I quote it, I can easily reach out to that customer. It’s a much better service and process.”

Will Fennell
Owner, Xcelicut

Business Challenge

Xcelicut’s ideal customer is one who outsources higher volume production and is looking for a close partner. They find that a partnership works best when they are an extension of the customer’s internal manufacturing team. This makes the communication and collaboration much more seamless. Xcelicut prides itself on low cost and high-volume delivery. A key to their success is ongoing business relationships, which allow them to deliver high quality product at a competitive rate. In the beginning, this was a bit easier said than done. Xcelicut found it difficult to find opportunities to connect with potential customers, let alone the right ones.  


Since working with MFG, Xcelicut has not only found it easier to connect with the right customer, but they have found the communication process to be much more efficient. No longer do they have to go back and forth with a customer four or five times before even knowing the types of parts they are looking for. MFG has allowed them to see exactly what the customer is in need of, saving them time with a quick, seamless process.


Since using MFG, Xcelicut has been able to find numerous recurring customers and qualified leads. An obvious benefit of MFG has been the profit margins, but Xcelicut has also found the feedback they receive when both awarded and denied an RFQ extremely helpful. “Being new in the industry, trying to find the right price point is definitely a challenge,” Fennell says. MFG has allowed Xcelicut to be more aware of industry standards, as well as how they can stand out and remain competitive.

Tips for Success
  • Use MFG not only for lead generation, but also as a strategic tool for receiving feedback. Use those insights to improve your offerings.   
  • The platform is great for research on market pricing, especially for newcomers.

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