WEPCO Plastics

WEPCO Plastics

Looking for a steady stream of new leads, WEPCO Plastics turned to MFG and the RFQ Marketplace.

WEPCO Plastics

WEPCO Plastics is an injection molder company and was established in 1985. Based in New England, they are experienced in developing new product specifications, manufacturing high quality precision molds, and short-run production. With over 40 employees and a large, modern facility , they also offer a wide range of additional services at competitive prices.

“In the past three months alone, we’ve gained four new customers through MFG,” says Wally Parmelle Senior, Founder and Owner at WEPCO. “We now have five solid customers in California and over 20 that can be attributed to our partnership with MFG. We are excited for the continued growth MFG will bring us.”

Wally Parmelle Sr.
Founder & Owner, WEPCO

Business Challenge

Established in 1985, WEPCO built a reputation as a professional company that produces high quality parts on-time. So, while their reputation was firmly established with their existing clients, what they really needed was a steady stream of new leads. MFG had a unique appeal in being able to provide a way to connect with customers at the exact moment when a customer had a need for WEPCO’s services. In 2006, Wally Parmelle Sr., WEPCO’s founder and owner decided to join MFG.


With a desire for an expanded customer base, WEPCO began working with MFG as their primary lead generation tool. WEPCO soon realized that MFG could bring new customers, not just in New England, but across the U.S.


WEPCO has acquired customers in New England and the Northeast, but also in Ohio, Florida and Georgia. With a growing customer pool, WEPCO has been able to serve clients in the electronics, aerospace, transportation, consumer products, medical, food and beverage and chemical industries. Their diverse customer base appreciates working with an injection molder that is proud to develop products made in the USA. Through the supplier rating tool, WEPCO has built their online reputation and received rave reviews, providing “superior value” and “excellent work” for their customers.

Objective Benefits Achieved
Expand Customer Base Gained customers across the U.S.
Increase Online Exposure Built reputable presence online through rating system and online profile
Develop Long-Term Customers Built lasting business relationships with repeat clients


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