Vern’s Machine Company

Vern's Machine Company

Vern's Machine Company was looking for new leads using phone books and directories. With MFG, the process is simple and there's no geographic limitation.

Vern’s Machine Company

A Brown and Sharpe machine shop established in 1969, Vern’s Machine Company is a diversified manufacturer capable of serving the needs of buyers across the globe. Machining everything from shafts to pins to rollers and everything in between. Vern’s Machine is a manufacturer laser-focused on providing buyers with the best quality at the best prices not only in the U.S., but the world.

“Someone once asked me why I don’t have a website. Using MFG, I have all the advantages of a website without the maintenance costs. And I get dedicated SEO specialists that help put my shop in the top Google search results every time. MFG does all my marketing at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing channels.”

Alan Visingard
Owner, Vern’s Machine Company

Business Challenge

Vern’s Machine started using MFG because owner Alan Visingard knew there had to be a better way to attract new leads and find new business opportunities than phone books and traditional directories. “Before MFG, our reach was Rochester, N.Y. In other words: We weren’t getting any business outside of the state of New York,” Visingard says.


Leveraging Buyer Profiles on MFG allows Alan to save time and money finding the exact parts he knows he can win. Using MFG’s Geographic Award Pattern feature, Alan can see a buyer’s sourcing tendencies right inside the MFG Marketplace. “After I pinpoint a part, I’ll check out the buyer and in what countries and regions he typically sources his parts. It gives me tremendous business intelligence, right at my fingertips.”


“The day I signed up for MFG, it’s as if I hired a battalion of sales rep at a fraction of the price. What I pay in membership fees to MFG pales in comparison to what I would spend on a team of sales reps — or even a single sales rep. And with MFG, I’m able to get double the work. MFG gives me what I need to be successful and grow my business. That’s what I’ve used it do over the past 16 years: open doors I never would have been able to open and find business in places I would have never found it.”

Alan’s Key Steps For Getting the Most Out of MFG
Be Persistent: “How am I successful on MFG? I log in every day. To win jobs on MFG, you have to quote jobs on MFG. The reality is this: You can’t sporadically log in, quote 2-3 jobs, and be successful. That’s just not how the system works. It takes persistence.”
Build Relationships: “Having continued business success is about more than just quoting RFQs. It takes understanding the needs of your customer. Be willing to haggle on your price. Be willing to stock inventory for your customer — if you have the capacity. Oh, and make sure to communicate all of that to your customer up front, in the notes of your quote. Transparency builds trust.”


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