Veejay Plastic

Veejay Plastic

Veejay Plastic came to MFG with the goal of growing their sales pipeline and have access to new accounts when needed.

Veejay Plastic

Veejay Plastics is an injection molding company in Burlington, Illinois. They have highly customizable machinery to meet your exact plastic injection molding requirements. Over the past 40 years, Veejay Plastics has worked in both the private and public sectors. Specializing in several molding techniques, their customers come from a variety of industries.

“MFG allows us to showcase our expertise to a wide and varied group of potential buyers, which has led to many lasting partnerships over the years. It is satisfying to see our company and brand recognition grow just by being part of the MFG Marketplace.”

Shanti Satra
President, Veejay Plastic

Business Challenge

Veejay Plastic President Shanti Satra joined MFG with the specific goal of increasing his sales volume, and he says the Marketplace has helped him do just that. “Our purpose was to acquire new accounts. We knew we wanted to grow our sales pipeline, and the Marketplace has provided a venue for us to discover new accounts when we’ve needed it.”


Using MFG’s exclusive Advanced RFQ Search and Search Engine Targeting tools, Veejay Plastic focused on buyers that specifically fit their custom molding capabilities. Satra says that “MFG provides the tools necessary to gain a greater knowledge of what buyers truly want right now. Discovering new customers is a challenge, but using MFG eases that burden, allowing Veejay Plastic to create new business relationships while also enriching old ones.”


Since joining the marketplace, Veejay Plastic has acquired six new accounts, one of which was affiliated with NASA. “Conducted by Quest Thermal Group and funded by NASA, we successfully micro injection molded a highly intricate spacer for cryogenic feed and industrial cold transfer lines,” Satra says. The spacer, which weighs less than 5 milligrams, is critical to the functionality of Wrapped MultiLayer Insulation used to reduce heat loss in spacecraft. “Through MFG, we were able to quickly discover the project using the Advanced RFQ Search tool, which allowed us to secure the project and add tremendous value to our company, both through brand awareness and return on investment.”

Objective Benefits Achieved
Customer Diversification MFG has helped Veejay Plastic find jobs in a wide array of industries. “One of them is PVC plumbing parts, while others are electronic components and consumer goods.”
Benchmarking By using the MFG Marketplace, Veejay Plastic has been able to benchmark their project quoting. “You’re able to adjust your pricing not only by industry, but also by market region.”


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