Stratos Aircraft

Stratos Aircraft

Stratos Aircraft was in need of high quality manufacturers and an efficient management system for their large project.

Stratos Aircraft

Stratos Aircraft’s new single engine jet is on track to be a state of the art aeronautical achievement.

Started in 2008, the company has employees from all over the world working on the new plane’s design and engineering. This business jet will travel at 400 knots, with a range of 1500 nautical miles.

The jet’s wing design, recently completed, tested and passed FAA requirements.

“My Sourcing Advisor at has gone above and beyond to make sure all of my parts are in the marketplace. Tom has been on top of it. He would even answer emails on his vacation.

Mark Christiansen
Manufacturing Engineer
Stratos Aircraft

Business Challenge

Mark Christiansen, Stratos’ Manufacturing Engineer, needed help sourcing parts, vetting suppliers and managing data for this $XXXM project.

He says, “It was very difficult to manage the more than 10,000 parts I sourced before Originally, I was setting up servers to manage these parts through Dropbox, but that was a logistical nightmare. To try and continue like that on a regular basis would have been unmanageable.”


Mark looked to to help him better manage the project and process. Now, as the head of mechanical operations, testing and manufacturing, he knows where to turn for help sourcing and managing the vast assortment of parts needed for the VLJ Jet project. He reports that with, “I get information immediately.”


Mark uses marketplace to source vendors for parts, with excellent results. He also relies on’s vendor reporting system to track the critical metrics for many suppliers with which Stratos works: delivery time, cost analysis, communication and quality. “I have several matrices running at once,” says Mark. “Suppliers become a part of the project and we like when we can create a relationship with our vendors for the long term. It is these matrices that determine whether we move the relationship forward. The entire company runs off of these procedures and matrices.”

Objective Benefits Achieved

Manage parts


“ went above and beyond by posting parts from my server, making my life a million times easier.”
Locate vendors “70% of the vendors we work with, we found through the marketplace.”
Vet suppliers “Manufacturers say they can do everything under the sun, but when I find out they can’t, it’s just so time consuming. That’s when the rating system is very helpful.”

And They’re Not The Only Ones…

Christini Technologies

Needed a platform that would allow them to understand price and quality comparisons.


Needed to find manufacturers capable of making parts fast at extreme quality standards.

Stratos Aircraft

Needed help sourcing parts, vetting suppliers, and managing data for an ambitious project.