Spargo Machine Products

Spargo Machine Products

With the downturn of the economy in '09, Spargo Machine Products needed to expand their customer reach.

Spargo Machine Products

Based in Plymouth, CT Spargo Machine Products has over two decades of experience. Providing their expertise to customers in industries including aerospace, medical, oil & gas, and commercial manufacturing, they are a versatile shop equipped to exceed customer expectations.

“Before MFG, I had a sales rep who was a five-percenter. Everything he brought in cost me 5 percent. But now every kind of job we get, we don’t have to pay 5 percent. So that saves me a substantial amount of money annually.”

Owner and Founder, Spargo Machine Products


Business Challenge

In 2009, Spargo Machine Products lost 70% of its existing customer base. Randy, Bill, and Ben Spargo needed help finding new buyers not just in the Northeast, but across the country. Randy Spargo, owner and founder of Spargo Machine Products, says, “Our customer base … wasn’t coming back.” That’s when Randy was convinced to join MFG.


When Randy began using MFG, he was excited to discover the marketplace allowed him to pinpoint new customers not only in the Northeast, but along the entire West Coast, the South, and nearly every state in between. MFG gave Randy leads that perfectly fit his company’s strengths in regions he had never before reached.


Now, Randy says, Spargo has plenty of work. “Since we found MFG, we’ve grown our business twice the volume it was back in 2009. So, we’ve doubled our sales and basically, it looks like there is no end to it. We can go wherever we want; we can quote anything we want.” And when it came time to expand, Randy knew he could do it because the work was there. “I didn’t have a cloud hanging over me, wonder if I could get enough work to fill the machines, I knew it was there if I quoted enough jobs.”

Objective Benefits Achieved
Customer Quality “We had to really dive below our comfort level in the past. Now, we can get the customers we want.”
Workflow Optimization “I’m constantly looking forward to see how much work we have in the pipeline. MFG has given us the platform [to adjust our workflow].”
Job Quotes “You can see those quote statistics. You can see where your price was against the other people who bid on [the RFQ]. The high, the low, the medium, how many people. I really like to see that.”


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