Snake Bite Co.

Snake Bite Co.

Without sacrificing quality, Snake Bite Co. was in need of a manufacturer that could balance speed and price.

Snake Bite Co.

Focused on quality, consistency, and fun, entrepreneur Daniel Peskorse, founder of Snake Bite Co., set out on a mission to design the world’s greatest bottle opener: The Snake Bite.

Snake Bite Co. produces unique products for those individuals who value a heritage build. The best materials, the best manufacturing, 100% Made in America.

“Without, we wouldn’t have found the suppliers that helped make Snake Bite a success. And what really made the difference for us was the level of service provided by’s sourcing advisers. That really made a platform we felt comfortable and secure with.”

Daniel Peskorse
Snake Bite Co.

Business Challenge

Starting with a 3D-printed prototype, entrepreneur Daniel Peskorse set out to find a manufacturer that could take the Snake Bite from concept to reality. It was important that the supplier have the capability and capacity to make the Snake Bite fast, without sacrificing quality. “We knew we didn’t want to go to production too quickly and sacrifice quality — we had seen other products make the same mistake. Instead, we wanted partner with a supplier that understood the importance of quality over quantity. But at the time, that was hard to find.”


Peskorse says that if it weren’t for, he may have never found his current supplier. Using’s Supplier Discovery Tool and Supplier Rating System, Peskorse was able to easily vet suppliers based on capabilities, capacity, and expertise, finding the perfect supplier for Snake Bite.


The Snake Bite is now sold at more than 20 retailers in 9 states, as well as Germany and the United Kingdom. “Ultimately, it came down to all the normal things you would think: pricing, turn-around time, per unit costs, and tooling fees. But the instant feedback provided by’s Supplier Rating System helped us pinpoint the supplier we’re still working with today.”

“The marketplace is going to be our go-to source for finding new suppliers moving forward. puts the right tools at our fingertips to save time and money on all of our sourcing efforts. I haven’t found anything else like it.”

Objective Benefits Achieved
Fast Turnaround “I keep coming back to because I know I can get the Snake Bite made fast, which is important in satisfying Snake Bite customers. Every time I post an RFQ, I get quality bids and responses from reputable suppliers. So for me, I don’t see myself sourcing manufacturers outside of”
Price/Quality Balance “We wanted to find experts. There were plenty of skilled local shops, but the price to quality ratio just didn’t work for us as a start-up. helped us discover suppliers that could give us the expertise necessary to make a quality product, while also helping us stay economically competitive.”

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