Reymech, LLC

Reymech was looking for a more time-efficient method to finding qualified manufacturers.

Reymech, LLC

Started in 2018 by Raul Reyes, Reymech, LLC is based in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Reyes was in the Marine Corps for eight years as a diesel engine mechanic and has a background in industrial mechanics in the wastewater industry.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Reyes started bidding on government contracts for parts such as pins, bushings, and brackets. Since, then Reymech has started working with over 10 manufacturers from across North America and one in India.

“It’s very hard for a small company, even if we’re doing well, to get more exposure. MFG helps get us in front of an audience as wide as possible.”

Raul Reyes
Reymech, LLC

Business Challenge

With a majority of Reymech’s business going to the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency, they have to make sure the manufacturers they work with have the necessary certifications and registration with the government. It’s too often that Reymech will receive quotes, but the manufacturers do not have a CAGE code or a DUNS number available. The government process is not the same as working in the private sector so connecting with manufacturers who are able to meet those standards is important. Another issue is that the parts Reymech needs created can have tight tolerances or require processes that are too complex which limits the manufacturers that can fulfill the project.


With MFG, Reymech has the power to standardize the RFQ processes, set a price range, and ensure special requirements for government compliance are met. The ability to filter out manufacturers that do not meet the project specifications is a powerful tool that saves time for both Reymech and the manufacturers themselves. Not only does MFG allow Reymech to invite certain manufacturers to quote, but in general MFG gives smaller companies more exposure to jobs that they never would have been able to find. Once the connection has been made in the Marketplace, the transaction is made between the buyer and the manufacturer. 


Reyes says, “I usually get three to five quotes every time I post a part on MFG.” Reymech has seen success with awarding parts whether it was directly through the Marketplace or offline from MFG. The networking opportunities that are offered have been fruitful as well – After getting in touch with a manufacturer from the Manufacturer Directory that did not have the required capabilities, they connected Reymech to a company outside of our database. 

Tips For Success
  • Give as much information as possible in the RFQ
  • Ensure your communication is clear whether over emails or phone calls
  • Research potential manufacturers to check their capability with your needs

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