PurgeForge was operating in an area with a high cost of doing business, they were looking for a faster and more affordable solution.


PureForge is a Poway-based designer and maker of hardened brake components located in Poway, CA.

Founded in 2006, PureForge makes brakes through what’s called “atomic forged technology” which greatly increases their performance and safety while decreasing brake wear, maintenance costs, and environmental pollutants caused by brake dust.

PureForge offers its patented Atomic-Forged technology to law enforcement agencies and commercial fleets.

“MFG.com is an invaluable resource for any company that wants to save money and maintain high quality.”

David Sulli
Sr. Mfg & Process Engineer /
Quality Assurance Manager

Business Challenge

PureForge needed to figure out a way around the high cost of doing business in their immediate area. They also needed to find manufacturers that could provide them with shorter lead times to get their products to market quicker. Lastly, PureForge required specialty shops with the capability to make parts that most shops don’t have the skill-set for.


Over the span of 10 years and four companies, Dave Sulli has worked with the MFG.com marketplace to find custom manufacturers for his custom manufactured parts. It left no question of where Sulli would turn to address the challenges PureForge was facing. Sulli says, “I keep coming back because I want to save money but also obtain high-quality parts, tools and textures.” Sulli finds the user interface of the MFG.com platform to be helpful in quickly meeting his objectives at PureForge.


The MFG.com platform was able to give PureForge immense cost savings, time after time. In Sulli’s experience with MFG.com over the last ten years, he estimates he has saved at least $100,000. The cost savings PureForge has experienced has enabled them to grow faster than was possible when proximity was the number one prerequisite for obtaining quotes and receiving orders. From the money they saved, PureForge had the opportunity to purchase additional tools as well as pass along savings to their customers.

Objective Benefits Achieved
Reduce cost of doing business in the immediate area Found suppliers that could provide competitive pricing close by
Locate specialty shops that can make high quality, complex parts Identified niche manufacturers that met their needs
Decrease lead times Gained access to manufacturers that provided the turnaround time needed

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