Perma-Brass Inc.

Perma-Brass Inc.

Perma-Brass used MFG to find their ideal customers that allowed them to focus on their core strengths.

Perma-Brass Inc.

Perma-Brass, Inc. opened its doors in 1992. To date, the company occupies approximately 18,000 sq ft and employs about 30 people. While primarily known for its brass casting and finishing operations, the company is fully and vertically integrated. They run the manufacturing gamut, from sand casting to CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers, CNC turning centers, and CNC Swiss screw machines for small diameter and long parts.

“We’re going after the more sophisticated, technical, multi-process jobs, where we have other core strengths, and MFG allows us to see all that work in one spot.”

Ken Puls
President, Perma-Brass

Business Challenge

Ken Puls, Perma-Brass president says their customers “either set up their own plants or they just buy from places like China. So, that’s one of the reasons we shifted our manufacturing strategy. We still serve those customers and market niches we always have, but now we’re looking at their needs for more complex and lower volume parts.” Puls says that today Perma-Brass is trying to bid on closer tolerance work, work not likely to go overseas, where quality requirements and application requirements are of a higher level, demanding top-notch machining and inspection technology.


With the traditional methods of finding customers not providing results, Perma-Brass decided to go with MFG, an online production-level solution for OEMs and suppliers of engineered-to-order components, which instantly and “intelligently” matches buyer requirements with potential suppliers possessing the right expertise, credentials, and capacity for the job being sourced. They signed with another on-line quoting service and had very unsuccessful results. “We were not happy at all with what we got out of that arrangement,” Puls says, “then we went with MFG, the site enables us to get direct contact to buyers and decision makers who are interested in having someone manufacture parts for them.”


Puls says that using MFG is a very efficient way to find customers – instead of the alternative, which is making a lot of phone calls, or trying to have a sales rep interpret what Perma-Brass can really do and then understand what the customer really wants done. 

“By using MFG you get direct contact from live customers who are sincere and want the work done. The results have been remarkable. In the first or second month we landed a contract that exceeded $400,000 on an annual basis with very good potential for growth. We’re extremely pleased.”

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