Pacifictech Molded Products Inc.

Pacifictech was looking to expand their manufacturing capabilities and find new leads for those new processes.

Pacifictech Molded Products Inc.

For the past 10 years, California-based Pacifictech Molded Products has been providing sourcing professionals across the United States with some of the highest quality parts in the manufacturing world. They have world-class expertise in disciplines such as traditional casting, investment casting, and die casting; injection molding, thermoforming, and vacuum forming; and metal stamping, CNC machining, and subassembly production. What’s more, Pacifictech provides state-of-the-art turn-key tooling and mold making in house — saving clients as much money as possible.

“Over the past 10 years, we’ve built a solid foundation for our business. We’ve expanded into many, many manufacturing disciplines. And a lot of that expansion is because we’ve been able to perennially find leads and increased business through MFG.”

Fred Valenzuela
Sales Manager
Pacifictech Molded Products

Business Challenge

But in 2008, just two years into Pacifictech’s manufacturing career, Fred Valenzuela, Sales Manager at Pacifictech Molded Products, says he knew that for his fledgling company to survive the downturn that was closing so many job shops around the country, he’d have to find a consistent way to find and acquire new leads. Fast. “When the economy really took a dive, jobs in California were dead. I had to reevaluate fast. The only way I could do it was getting back to basics,” Valenzuela says. That’s when he found MFG.


Using MFG’s no-cost team of expert sourcing advisors to help him discover new business, and find RFQs that he was sure to win, Valenzuela was able to replace his contract salesforce and exponentially expand his sourcing potential.


Now, Valenzuela says he was able to not only save Pacifictech from going under in those early days, but greatly expand his national presence, reaching buyers, engineers, and sourcing professionals across the country. Leads and business he would have never found otherwise. “The customers we’ve found through MFG have really helped our business not only survive but grow over the years. Today, the lasting partnerships we’ve made through MFG bring in about $200,000 every single year … definitely enough to keep the lights on,” Valenzuela laughs.

Objective Benefits Achieved
Diversify Sales Pipeline and Expand Manufacturing Footprint “I love working with MFG because there’s such a diverse group of buyers right at your fingertips. It beats trying to find work through traditional means. Today, we’re producing for multiple verticals: medical, electronics, auto, consumer, fitness … We’ve really expanded our manufacturing footprint to access industries and verticals we never thought we’d reach just 10 years ago.”


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