Marshall Metal Products

Marshall Metal Products

When the plant manager at Marshall Metal Products was tasked with expanding the business, Ron Holcomb knew MFG was the best place to start finding new opportunities.

Marshall Metal Products

Marshall Metal Products is an established metal stamping component manufacturer based in Marshall, Michigan. Operating since 1953, they have served customers in industries including aerospace, automotive, military, and more.

“MFG has been integral in supporting our growth and business development objectives. Not only have they become a valued partner, they have also become a member of our sales team. We have been very happy with their contributions and performance since becoming a member. Everything MFG does is aimed towards business development.”

Ron Holcomb
Plant Manager
Marshall Metal Products

Business Challenge

Although Marshall Metal Products (MMP) has been around for over 50 years, it relied heavily on word-of-mouth referrals to generate new business and awareness. The company had not had any true sales and marketing presence online or offline. Ron Holcomb, the Plant Manager at MMP, was tasked with expanding the company and their customer base. Rather than going through the traditional methods of identifying new leads and opportunities, he decided to use MFG. As a former manufacturing company owner, he had used MFG before and instantly knew it was the perfect place to start.


MMP’s overall objective was to use MFG as a lead generation service to become a preferred supply chain partner with the customers they were targeting. They have established long-term relationships with these customers and are now receiving just as many RFQs offline from as they do online from MFG.


Marshall Metal Products has significantly expanded their customer base. To date, they have received 21 five-star ratings from MFG customers. This helped them build a great reputation both inside the MFG marketplace, as well as outside of it, through internet search engines. MFG continues to provide a continuous flow of opportunities to support their future expansion.

Objective Benefits Achieved
Lead generation Obtained a constant stream of leads specifically matched to their capabilities
Business development Earned repeated business from numerous customers
Increase online prescence Gained exposure on all major internet search engines and built a solid online reputation through the ratings they received on MFG


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