Forcon Precision Products

Forcon Precision Products

When three of their top customers moved their manufacturing overseas, Forcon Precision Products needed a new strategy to build long-term business relationships.

Forcon Precision Products

Forcon Precision Products goes above and beyond to produce quality products for their customers – in most cases sacrificing their own profit to get a better product. They are a CNC exclusive screw machine job shop, with complete secondary capabilities. This allows them to produce the highest quality screw machine components, with rapid response for customers.

Forcon Precision Products can run orders both large and small, running lights out 24/7 for large orders and next day turn around for small orders and customer emergencies. A satisfied customer is the result as customer satisfaction is the cornerstone to their longevity.

“After evaluating the platform for a few months, we decided to sign up. Right away, we found and acquired 6 new customers through MFG. Overall, we have won at least 20 new buyers and most are calling us with repeat orders.”

Patrick Joblonski
Forcon Precision Products

Business Challenge

What would you do if your top three customers decided to move their manufacturing overseas? Maybe you have even experienced this already. Well, unfortunately this is what happened to Forcon Precision Products, a screw machine shop that has been delivering quality products for over 26 years. Forcon’s three largest customers, through either acquisition or changes in policy, decided to move their manufacturing to China.


The MFG platform gives Suppliers the ability to find new customers, establish long-term relationships, increase profitability, and grow their business. By intelligently connecting Suppliers to Buyers who have an immediate need, Supplier members are continuously in a “right place / right time” situation. Not only can Buyers find Supplier members within the MFG platform, each Supplier profile is individually optimized to be found on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

“We were really struggling to find new customers. Then, we heard about and decided to take a leap of faith and give it a shot – as it turns out, actually saved our company!” – Patrick Joblonski, Forcon Precision Products


Forcon Precision Products immediately saw results upon registering with MFG and brought in six customers. Since they have included MFG in their buyer generation strategy, they have acquired over 20 customers and counting. Not only are they getting a high number of buyers, but they also bring a lot of value with two of their top five customers coming from MFG. By providing the premium service Forcon Precision Products is known for, their customers from MFG have called back with repeating orders.

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