Everyware Global

Everyware Global

Maintaining specialized machines can be costly, that's why Everyware Global looked to MFG.com for unique parts.

Everyware Global

Based in Lancaster, Ohio, Everyware Global is the parent companyof 6 tableware, glassware, andkitchenware brands, the largestbeing Anchor Hocking and Oneida.

Focused on quality and customer satisfaction, Everyware Global serves small-to-medium sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies in the consumer, foodservice, businessto-business, and e-commerce channels across the globe.

“Before MFG.com, I was sourcing parts for $250 each from a local, offline supplier. Using the MFG.com marketplace, I’m now able to source those same parts for $40 each from an MFG.com supplier. That’s an 83% discount.”

Eric Goldman
Process Engineer
Everyware Global

Business Challenge

Responsible for maintaining the machines that form molten glass into everything from measuring cups to pint mugs, process engineer Eric Goldman needed an efficient way to discover new suppliers and get his parts made fast. “We have a lot of custom tooling and custom parts that adapt to our tooling machines,” says Goldman. “Typically, we would source through local machine shops and might pay three, four, five times what I’m paying on MFG.com. It just wasn’t economically
feasible to always source locally.”


Leveraging MFG.com’s optimized Supplier Profiles and Supplier Rating System, Goldman was able to easily locate and vet potential suppliers based on process, certification, and work history to discover new suppliers and benchmark current ones. “Using MFG.com, I’m reaching machine shops that I never would have identified to begin with. And I’m able to get competitive pricing, while maintaining quality and accuracy in the parts I need.”


Now, Goldman is getting quality parts at competitive prices from manufacturers around the United States. “Now I know that no matter the situation, I can count on MFG.com to help me find the right suppliers exactly when I need them, regardless of what parts or materials I need sourced.”

Objective Benefits Achieved
Benchmarking Suppliers “Often, I’ll put out an RFQ both locally and on MFG.com. And often, the RFQs on MFG.com are much more competitive in price. MFG.com is the quickest, most efficient way to benchmark suppliers for competitive pricing, and discover new, quality suppliers in the U.S.”
Increasing Sourcing Efficiency “Putting together an RFQ and vetting quotes is simple. I don’t have to take the time to individually call 10-20 machine shops to get a quote. Instead, those quotes now come straight to me. I’m getting double the work done in half the time.”

And They’re Not The Only Ones…

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