Elliot Zola

Elliott Zola, LLC.

Elliott Zola needed a unique supplier who could work with them to manufacture their client's custom kitchen utensil.

Elliott Zola, LLC

Based in California, Elliott Zola, LLC. specializes in helping companies recognize and mitigate supply chain risk.

Providing sourcing and business development advisement, as well as marketing advice, sales channel optimization, and sales lead generation, Elliott Zola is focused on efficiency, strategy, and customer satisfaction within the product development industry.

“I’m always trying to discover new suppliers with unique capabilities that I don’t know about today. By using MFG.com, I can do that with confidence and efficiency, while knowing that in the end, I’m adding value to my customer base.”

Brent Elliott
Elliott Zola, LLC.

Business Challenge

In searching for a way to design, develop, and source a custom kitchen utensil project for client Saucepan Chef, Brent Elliott, CEO of Elliott Zola, turned to MFG.com to help discover distinct suppliers capable of meeting the project’s high quality requirements. “MFG.com was my first stop in looking for unique suppliers able to produce precision, high-quality custom work,” Elliott says.


By using MFG.com’s custom Supplier Rating System, Elliott discovered a previously unknown supplier that provided key services above and beyond those expected by both Elliott and his client. ”They bent over backwards to help us get the design exactly right, providing us examples, providing the tooling, etc. They did a lot of creative work in part research and design — as well as packaging design — assuring the utensils were compliant with all FDA material standards,” says Elliott.


“Rather than having an individual tool for each utensil, we consolidated the process into two tools, which added tremendous value for my client. The whole process saved him considerable time and money,” says Elliott. And the supplier didn’t stop there. “The supplier made modifications to the packaging of the utensils that ultimately reduced freight cost.” This has been a tremendously positive experience for both my client and the supplier,” continues Elliott. By using MFG.com, Elliott says he is able to easily source custom parts with a high degree of confidence. “I’m always trying to find new suppliers with unique capabilities. MFG.com helps me do that.”


Objective Benefits Achieved
Locate New Suppliers “Some of our clients are start-ups with new, untested
products. So, we use MFG.com to help find legitimate, ethical, and hard-working suppliers, which allows us to help clients get the custom work they desire, while also getting smaller products to market faster.”
Increase Client Business “Through MFG.com, both my client and the supplier were able to grow their business, while the supplier provided many value-added services that have ultimately saved my client money.”


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