DESHAZO was in need of manufacturers that specialized in quality and timely delivery.


Trusted by dozens of companies across the globe, such as Honda, Georgia Power, and Lockheed Martin, Alabama-based DESHAZO is an industry-leader in both crane manufacturing and automation.

They predominantly manufacture overhead cranes, but also produce automation equipment, work with robotics, as well as other custom machines for various customers.”

“Using the platform helps us slash part spend on our outsourced parts because we’re able to locate those suppliers that are way, way, WAY, cheaper than perhaps someone around the corner.

It increases our sourcing net, while maintaining the quality standards we demand at DESHAZO.”

Daniel Drennen
Project Manager

Business Challenge

Focused on quality and timely delivery, DESHAZO needed to pinpoint contract manufacturers and job shops capable of making parts fast — while adhering to the extreme quality standards set out by the company.

 “It’s the nature of the business: our internal manufacturing team gets overloaded,” Drennen says. “Or maybe we need a quick-turn part that we don’t have the capability of making in-house. We needed a way to find those suppliers that could fulfill that work for us, in both time and quality.”


Drennen says being able to instantly compare quotes in one easy-to-access portal has made finding capable suppliers for DESHAZO’s sourcing needs much easier. “I can now efficiently aggregate the dollar value of each quote I get on any RFQ, accelerating the supplier selection process because the right shop pops out of the numbers. It’s really a fool-proof system, especially for our needs.”


Since joining, Drennen says that DESHAZO has been able to cut machining costs, while dramatically speeding time to market for their customers. “We’re cutting costs right at the bottom line, and then we’re adding tremendous value because we’re maintaining, at a much more efficient pace, our delivery dates. MFG’s a huge money — and time — saver.

Objective Benefits Achieved
Increase Capacity “Using, we’re able to find job shops and suppliers that can help us increase our internal capacity, especially for the one-off, two-off parts we typically need in our robotics division.”
Decrease Part Spend “Also, we’re able to accurately hone in on those ‘Mom & Pop’ shops that can really decrease what we spend on parts, which are often much cheaper.”


And They’re Not The Only Ones…

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