Christini Technologies

Christini Techologies, Inc.

Christini Technologies needed a new efficient system to find specialized manufactures.

Christini Technologies, Inc.

Christini Technologies developed a revolutionary two-wheel-drive system for mountain bicycles and motorbikes that provides unequaled traction and control on challenging biking surfaces.

Christini all-wheel-drive motorbikes have captured critical acclaim and a number of trophies at national and international motorbike competitions.

“We went from two guys with no experience dealing with suppliers to where we have a solid supplier base machining up to 27 different part numbers across the entire country. This allows us to concentrate on what we do best, redesigning, refining and improving our product — not searching for the right shop to make it.”

Mike Dunn
Vice President
Christini Technologies, Inc.

Business Challenge

When Steven Christini and his business partner, Mike Dunn, formalized the design for their all-wheel drive mountain bike, they immediately faced a major problem: Neither had experience working with suppliers of the machining services required to manufacture the precision gearing components of their radical drive system.

Initially, they used the Yellow Pages to locate local suppliers, which worked to a degree but left them with no means to measure whether they were paying a reasonable price and/or receiving the highest quality.


Christini appreciates’s online RFQ process because it allows potential suppliers to get up to speed quickly and improves overall communication. The two then tapped’s Web-based supply chain network. provides comprehensive online sourcing for custom manufacturing services and intelligently matches buyer requirements with optimal suppliers. The system also provides sophisticated, easy-to-use technology for managing the sourcing process, collaborating, performing due diligence and establishing a private network of preferred vendors. Buyers post RFQs at no cost, and suppliers quote for business that meets their expertise and capacity


We posted our designs on, and the very same day quotes began to
come in. The next day, we found the one job shop that matched our skill and
capacity criteria. Turnaround was six days. This single initiative on proved crucial to our success.” Dunn reports that as a result of using, they now have an established network of nine to twelve preferred suppliers across the country, including South Carolina, Illinois, Idaho and California — and the base continues to grow.

Christini also has refined their cost structure by finding and using more efficient suppliers. Jobs, for example, that once carried a high per-piece price for machining now costs significantly less per piece — without sacrificing quality and delivery, simply by finding better suppliers.

And They’re Not The Only Ones…

Christini Technologies

Needed a platform that would allow them to understand price and quality comparisons.


Needed to find manufacturers capable of making parts fast at extreme quality standards.

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