Cape Fear Automation

Cape Fear Automation

Cape Fear Automation needed to find manufacturers that produced quality parts at competitive prices.

Cape Fear Automation

Focused on custom-machined
parts, Cape Fear prioritizes singlesource, turnkey solutions from sales to engineering and machining to fabrication and machine design.

Part machine shop, part contract manufacturer, Cape Fear has the capacity and expertise to efficiently work with both local and national shops.

“ has helped us effortlessly determine our manufacturing costs and where we’re most competitive.

Using the Marketplace we’ve taken our return on investment from a loss to a profit. The platform has given us the business intelligence necessary to source and move forward with confidence.”

Peter Merritt
Founder and President
Cape Fear Automation

Business Challenge

Cape Fear joined with the specific goal of maximizing their workflow and
putting a greater emphasis on custom-machined parts. Peter Merritt, Founder
and President of Cape Fear, says, “Custom parts are typically low-volume, but
not always quick to manufacture. Staying true to our custom-parts focus while
also satisfying our need for increased production on our supply side required a
solution. The Marketplace provided an economical, focused answer, helping us
save time and money.”


Using’s regional analysis capabilities and Supplier Ranking System,
Cape Fear was able to pinpoint suppliers that specifically fit their capabilities and
needs at the moment they were needed. “We’re always looking for suppliers that
provide us quality parts fast and at a competitive price,” says Merritt. “Now, we can
efficiently analyze suppliers to quickly determine if they adequately fit our needs.”


Since joining the marketplace in 2014, Merritt says “ has helped
us effortlessly determine our manufacturing costs and where we’re most
competitive. But it has also allowed us to quickly source mid-tier custom parts,
keeping our focus on high-end, in-house custom-parts manufacturing. Using
the Marketplace, we’ve taken our return on investment from a loss to a profit. The
platform has given us the business intelligence necessary to source and move
forward with confidence.”

Objective Benefits Achieved
Product Expansion In conjunction with their machining and contract
manufacturing capabilities, Cape Fear also provides wood working tools. “ is going to be instrumental in expanding that tool line.”
Benchmarking Using the Marketplace, Cape Fear was able to gain valuable market intelligence. “Based on price, we were able to generate a make/buy comparison, ultimately streamlining our business model.”

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