Berk-Rauch Associates

Berk-Rauch Associates came to MFG to find on-going business relationships rather than fulfilling one-off orders.

Berk-Rauch Associates

Started in 1980 by Noel Berk-Rauch, Berk-Rauch Associates has over 50 years of combined experience selling aluminum extrusions, machining, fabrication and finishing services. The business is two-fold, one side representing 4-5 domestic manufacturers, and the other side selling ladders, scaffolding, safety equipment and more. Berk-Rauch does a bit of everything, even dipping its toe in plastic, 3D printing, etc. With the drastic industry transition this past year, they have made it a point to work with high-end manufacturers who are looking to broaden their business scope.

“[MFG] has taken my business from a local NY city region to where I can reach out on a national, and sometimes international, level.

Noel Berk-Rauch
Owner, Berk-Rauch Associates

Business Challenge

Their ideal customer is one who is open-minded and responsive. They like to think of themselves as “a long-term player” and are looking for ongoing business relationships, not one-off orders. Too often Berk-Rauch would experience potential customers who do not follow-through on communication. In addition, Berk-Rauch needed customers to come prepared with the proper drawing file, CAD file, etc.


With the industry’s transition to the digital landscape, Berk-Rauch has found MFG to be the new way to find qualified leads. “It’s just like any other sales opportunity,” Noel Berk-Rauch says. “30 years ago, I used to get reams of paper with leads in the mail. This is no different.” Through MFG, Berk-Rauch has been able to directly find customers who are in need of the specific services they offer, at the ideal price point. Berk-Rauch has even created a buyer account, in order to quote for smaller parts and to check out the competition, which helps them be strategic and obtain a competitive edge.


Berk-Rauch Associates has been using MFG for over 10 years, and MFG has allowed their business to go from a local to national, and sometimes international, level. They have found the platform to be extremely useful for obtaining qualified leads. In a recent posting, they received two quotes from the platform. One is a rep out of Michigan and the other is a machine shop out of Kansas.

Tips for Success
  • Same as with regular sales, you have to be relentless.  
  • Make sure the customer is actually in need, otherwise all they are looking for is a better price. 
  • Focus on the connection. It’s all about people at the end of the day and communication and establishing those connections is key.  

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