Baklund R&D

Baklund R&D

With the downturn in the economy in 2008, Baklund R&D joined MFG to find consistent work on a national level.

Baklund R&D

Baklund R&D of Hutchinson, Minnesota is a 12 employee Tool and Die shop with capabilities in design, advanced machining, CNC turning, CNC machining, jig grinding, small hole burning, complex assembly, progressive die making and 3D printing.

BRD is Mil Spec certified and ISO compliant with an expanded inspection division that includes a Mitutoyo 404 Quick Vision system. BRD has experience providing parts to a wide variety of industries including medical, aerospace, military and computer technology.

“MFG was able to connect us with a company that employed 400 engineers. Historically, a company of that size and stature would have been completely out of our reach, regardless of my patience and persistence–well, that is until MFG.”

Andy Bleck Business Development Representative
Baklund R&D


Business Challenge

The Baklund family has run Tool & Die businesses for 25 years. “The downturn in the economy in 2008 affected us greatly. Strategically, we knew it was pivotal to expand to a national level,” says Jon Baklund, owner of BRD. When BRD first heard of MFG, they were already running at max capacity, but when the downturn hit, they decided to subscribe to MFG. Jon says he is glad they did!


Baklund’s main objective was to use the MFG marketplace as a lead generation tool to help them expand their customer base nationally. MFG gave them the ability to communicate with buyers all over the country that were looking for their exact services. Jon has a very mobile role in the business and is constantly on the go, so he was enthused to and that the MFG site gave him access to precise, qualified leads and RFQs that matched their manufacturing capabilities perfectly—particularly one with a seamless user interface that worked well on his phone and iPad.


Baklund R&D has significantly expanded their customer base, both locally and nationally. “Having the buyer’s name is a huge advantage,” says Andy. Over the last 7 years with MFG, Baklund has been awarded $2.96 million in work. BRD realized significant cost savings by using MFG, and has greatly reduced their marketing budget. BRD also started a 3D printing division and continues to grow their manufacturing capabilities. “We’re a small business and want to continue growing,” says Jon. “Putting money back into the business from our savings with MFG is key.”

Objective Benefits Achieved
Easily generate leads Increase national presence
Way to track and transfer lead data Gained instant access to qualified leads and RFQs matching their capabilities


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