American Technical Fabricators

American Technical Fabricators

As a new company branching off an existing one, American Technical Fabricators needed to acquire customers but didn't know where to start.

American Technical Fabricators

Based in Bad Axe, Michigan, American Technical Fabricators was created as a spinoff from an existing company. With over 15 years of experience in various industries including electronics, automotive, industrial equipment, and more.

Rather than specializing in prototyping or production, American Technical Fabricators has developed a system to work with their customers on projects of any size.

“We use MFG on a daily basis. Your service did exactly what we wanted it to do. A number of our good customers – basically our top 20 – were developed with the help of MFG. For us, the service did its job and did it well.”

Bruce Grubba
American Technical Fabricators


Business Challenge

As a company that was created as a spin-off of an existing company, American Technical Fabricators ( were left with an immediate need to find new customers. Over the years, they worked with a variety of clients, including those in the electronics, automotive aftermarket and industrial equipment industries. With no defined sales staff, they weren’t sure where to start. This is when they turned to the MFG marketplace for help.


In search of an effective way to expand their customer base, American Technical Fabricators discovered that MFG would provide the necessary tools and platform to quickly deliver the new customers they needed. Instantly, they were able to search within the platform to find their “sweet spot” customers, which eventually delivered their top 20 clients.


American Technical Fabricators now has a stable and consistent customer base and is preparing for expansion. The solution MFG delivered made it easy for them to focus their efforts on serving prospective customers while meeting the business needs. The power of the marketplace paid dividends for American Technical Fabricators.

Objective Benefits Achieved
Increase exposure Expand to thousands of buyers
Expand to new industries Developed additional quoting opportunities through MFG
Secure new customers Gained multiple top 20 customers


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