Spend Matters

“By using LiveSource, our team was able to be a heck of a lot more efficient. We used to accomplish around 100 RFQs a year. Now, we can complete around 5,000 – 6,000 projects without increasing headcount whatsoever. The more bids we are able to perform, the more cost savings we see. Additionally, having the virtual marketplace of qualified suppliers is invaluable.”

Mark J. Rosenquist, North America Procurement, Kimberly-Clark


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Take Control of Your Manufacturing Supply Base

Managing your supplier base
Managing a supplier base when you source complex manufactured goods has a number of unique challenges.  In addition to tracking typical supplier information, you also need to know a manufacturer’s capabilities, qualifications, certifications and capacity.  If your product has a long lead time, you need to have more suppliers in your base to increase the chances of finding open capacity right when it’s needed.  In short, manufacturing supplier management is no picnic.
Making your life easier with LiveSource.com
LiveSource is the MFG.com cloud-based sourcing tool that combines the power of advanced supplier management with the global reach of the world’s largest manufacturing marketplace. LiveSource helps companies discover, collaborate and work with qualified global suppliers, resulting in smarter spending, reduced product costs, shorter delivery times, and a more flexible supply chain.
Developed for a global economy, LiveSource supports eight languages and 30 currencies. With more than 150,000 manufacturers in its worldwide marketplace, it’s even easier for companies to find, engage and manage suppliers closer to points of manufacture, assembly and distribution.
Designed for manufacturing
LiveSource.com has more than 500 manufacturing category-specific templates with best practices already built in.  These manufacturing templates accelerate your ramp-up effort and also reduce training time and costs for new employees — giving you greater flexibility.  Naturally, you can customize any of those templates or create entirely new ones, helping ensure consistency and efficiency.  We made LiveSource to work within your system’s constraints, not force your organization to adjust to the solution.

Manage more suppliers in less time
Access to the MFG.com marketplace of more than 150,000 global manufacturers significantly reduces your lead times and costs. This vast pool of suppliers helps you find the right manufacturer with the right qualities and capacity at the right time. The ratings from our buyer network help reduce your due diligence effort. Whether you’re looking for suppliers with specific capabilities, qualifications or small business status, our marketplace and LiveSource solution helps you find them faster with less effort.


Benefits of LiveSource

  • Increase sourcing productivity - Quickly and easily find, qualify and manage more qualified suppliers with less effort.
  • Move past price to best value - Sophisticated sourcing capabilities give you greater control in considering cost, risk, performance, best value and more.
  • Optimize supplier performance - LiveSource lets you dissect and analyze your supply base to identify savings potential and plan for contingencies.


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