A Strategic Sourcing Solution Coupled With A Global Network Of Custom Manufacturers

Make Better Sourcing Decisions

No one can match the breadth and depth of MFG.com's global network of contract manufacturers. But even more important than the size of our network of manufacturers is the qualitative data we offer on our job shop members. When you source with MFG.com, you'll see reviews written by sourcing professionals who have direct experience working with our supplier members. You'll have unprecedented clarity into the potential relationship long before the first order is placed. 

Never Worry About Intellectual Property

eSourcing, by its very nature involves putting your intellectual property on the internet. But with MFG.com, you're in secure hands. Our entire site is available through the HTTPS protocol - so it's virtually impossible for others to eavesdrop on your file uploads or communications. And we offer two-layered NDA protection, so you can first see and then grant file access only to specific companies that have signed your NDA.

Find The Right Suppliers And Get Quotes In Record Time

Directories of Manufacturers abound on the internet. But getting a list of potential suppliers is just the tip of the iceberg... unless you use MFG.com. With our global sourcing platform, you'll instantly be connected to potential suppliers that have the capabilities you're looking for. From there, you can easily request and compare quotes, see ratings scores and compare lead times to find the perfect supplier for your parts. There's simply no better, or faster, way to get the job done.

Maintain A Complete Audit Trail... Effortlessly

When you source through MFG.com you'll automatically create an audit trail that will allow you to quickly verify supplier conformance. All correspondence between you and your new suppliers is kept safe and secure in your account.

Join The Best Of The Best

MFG.com is trusted by some of the world's most respected companies and organizations. A few are listed below. And even if your company is a little smaller than these, we've got a place for you. MFG.com has earned a reputation for impeccable customer service. That means that as a sourcing professional, from a company of whatever size, you can ask us anything and we'll do our best to help make you more successful.

Do It All For Free

That's not a typo. It's hard for most people to believe, but the MFG.com eSourcing platform is 100% free to engineers and sourcing professionals. How can that be? Our business model is built around the concept of suppliers paying for the chance to earn your business. You don't pay to walk into a car dealership. Why should you pay to source suppliers?

With MFG.com's esourcing platform you'll enjoy features and tools for which many companies would pay tens, or hundreds, of thousands of dollars per year - all at no charge. So why not join MFG.com  now? We think you'll be glad you did. Click the button below to start sourcing with unprecedented efficiency and confidence.


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