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AEPH Industrial/Product Design


Buyer has begun development of a new Airborne Executive Phone Handset. As such, the buyer would like to invite your company to quote the Conceptual Design Phase of this project. The attached specifications outlines the proposed product and it’s mechanical requirements. This RFQ effort is to do only the Conceptual Design Phase of the project. There has been no indication or guarantee that the project will progress past this phase of development.

The Conceptual Design Phase should take into consideration all the specification outlined in the attached AEPH mechanical specification. Significant to this consideration are the environmental and electrical emissions requirements.

The conceptual design of the product is to include the Handset, handset cradle, and handset coiled cord.

As a general guideline, the Conceptual Design Phase should include the following steps: 1. Brainstorming with buyer to form a general concept for the product. 2. Initial 2D/3D rough sketches or models of the proposed product. 3. Presentation of four 3D modeled and rendered design concepts of the proposed product for buyer to chose a design direction. 4. Initial refinement of the chosen rendered conceptual model (would probably bring in design ideas from all four initially presented design concepts from step 3). 5. Further refinement of the rendered conceptual model after review in step 4 above. 6. Final refinement and presentation of final 3D modeled and rendered design concept. 7. Generation of drawings to document color schemes, texturing, material selections for SLA procurement. Suggested sources for SLA. 8. Buyer will procure a SLA direct from a SLA vendor. 9. After review of the initial SLA, refinement and generation of PRO E models for the pieces defined below. 10. Upon completion of initial modeling, SLAs would be ordered of piece parts, by buyer, to verify form, fit, function.

Items/tasks applicable to this quotation: 1. All PRO E models, data, renderings, drawings, presentations must be free of any company logos or identification. 2. PRO E version 2001 must be used for creation of all PRO E models, geometries, and drawings. 3. All drawings to be done on Telecore PRO E drawing formats. 4. Generation of PRO E model for top handset shell. 5. Generation of PRO E model for bottom handset shell. 6. Generation of PRO E model for handset cradle. 7. Generation of PRO E model, geometry, and drawing for LED indicator light pipes. 8. Generation of PRO E model of all component parts (LCD, microphone, microphone holder, PCBs, cable interconnects). 9. Generation of PRO E model for side buttons. 10. Generation of PRO E model for front dial keypad and control buttons. It is anticipated that these would be integrated into the rubber membrane. So, the PRO E model would include the rubber membrane. 11. Generation of PRO E top level assembly and any other assemblies required to verify form fit and function of the product.

Deliverable items at end of the Conceptual Design Phase. -All PRO E models, assemblies, page formats, geometries, and drawings generated. -All source data files for initial 2D/3D sketches and models. -All source data files for four 3D models and rendered design concepts. -All source data files for final 3D model and rendered design. -All source data files related to SLA generation. -All source data files from any presentation material.

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