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country machining llc.

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About country machining llc.

My name is Kenneth Niels and I own and run a small CNC Machine shop called Country Machining, LLC I have been working in the screw machine industry for almost 40 years. I am comfortable with any type of material including but not limited to plastic, aluminum, brass, steel and stainless steel. Diameters from 1/16" round up to 2-3/8" round and out to 14." long. Small quantities or larger quantities are all important to us but we strive for a long term relationship with our customers so we make sure your happy with our prices and delivery. Please find thebelow equipment list to better explain how Country Machining LLC can supply you with quality machined parts. 1. Miyano BND 42T5 CNC Lathe w/Live tooling. 1 5/8" rd. capacity2. Miyano ATS-35S CNC Lathe w/ live tooling. 1 3/8" rd. capacity.3. Miyano TSV-35 CNC Machining center W/20 HP. Motor.4. Miyano ATS-60 CNC Lathe, W/Sub-spindle 2-5/16" rd. capacity5. Brown Sharpe surface grinder, sanders, drill press and Safety Clean parts washer.6. OGP XL-14C Optical Comparator with surface check (Professionally Certified) , also a OGP Opticom Qualifier 14B.7. Mitutoyo Digital Height gages , Starret Groove gages, Micrometers and pin gages, Ring and Plug thread gages, Mitutoyo surface finish w/printout. Sunnen bore gage with .00005 indicator readout.8. Please note we are able to use any customer gages when requested.9. Samples per customer request. Note: We are in the process of obtaining the ISO Certification.

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CNC Machining, EDM, Milling & Turning, Screw/Swiss Machining


Plasma Table
24"x100" Graziano Sag 20
DMG Mori CMX 1100v w/ 4th axis

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Mar 2018



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United States