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Xiamen Limbach Aircraft Engine Co.,Ltd

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Electro-Mechanical Assembly

About Xiamen Limbach Aircraft Engine Co.,Ltd

Xiamen Limbach Aircraft Engine Co.,Ltd is a Germany Company in China. Since 2012,China Limbach Company has acquired Germany Limbach Company and took over the global sales,Our company specializing in the production and sales of LIMBACH brand aviation engines and spares.Power range:22-160HP,accordingly, you have the choice from the 2-stroke to 4 stroke Electronically Controlledengines, you will certainly find your suitable power plant, we are also gald to advise which engines are suitable for you. The name LIMBACH has been firmly associated with aviation since 1970. Thousands of LIMBACH aircraft engines are in use worldwide and have completed millions of flying hours.Our engines are installed worldwide in many different types of aircraft and we are proud of their reliability. LIMBACH service stations are also available in many countries. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground ... The desire to discover something new, make things happen and to have freedom of choice is an elementary desire of people. Pioneering work, courage and perseverance are needed to satisfy this desire. It is good to have a partner who already has a lot of experience in this field. Benefit from our expertise and we will make your start easier. Challenging products in small series require creativity and commitment. We develop parts from various materials; from cast magnesium to forged steel; always with a view to economic manufacture. We implement your ideas jointly with our partners. Modern manufacturing methods such as 3D CAD design help us in doing so. We work constantly on further innovations for you - Our development moves you forward! Our technology for your products Collaborate with us for the realisation of your ideas. We provide you with the opportunity to benefit from our experience, quality and our complete service. Experience Aircraft engines are very challenging products which we have been manufacturing successfully for more than 40 years. Our team and machine park are available to provide you with advice and assistance. Product responsibility ... is not a foreign word for us; we live it and know about its importance.

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Electro-Mechanical Assembly


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CNC Mill Bridgeport VMC-760/22
24"x100" Graziano Sag 20
Limbach Aircraft Engine

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