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About Wiegel Tool Works

For nearly seventy-five years, and for over 3 generations, Wiegel [WEE-gul] Tool Works has served the automotive, appliance, telecom and solar industries providing high quality, precision metal stampings. Integrating the best German tooling techniques with cutting edge technology, Wiegel competes in the global market place with a reputation for innovation and superior customer service. While many companies were downsizing, Wiegel Tool Works was re-enforcing its technological, skill based foothold in today's market and has doubled in square footage and sales. They've increased efficiency by 35% on select programs and added numerous employees. The ISO/TS-certified company stamps parts such as electrical contacts, transmission lead-frames and automotive busbars for HEV and electrical cars. Materials range from bare red metals and copper based alloys, to stainless and commercial steel, to pre-plated metals. The manufacturing process starts with the engineering team who make rapid prototypes and production stamping dies. They design and build their complex stamping dies in-house, giving them another technology edge, as well as utilize a sophisticated 3D modeling system. Wiegel is known as the leader in 3D design, state-of-the-art electronic press monitoring controllers, secondary tooling for automated processes, and vision systems and sensors to ensure quality that exceeds industry standards.

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