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Shenzhen Shell Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

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About Shenzhen Shell Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shell electrical technology corporation limited(Short for BK Company), devoted on industrial automation control and research and development , produced , sales of new energy field products, cooperatedwith Institute of Electronics of Xi'an, Xi'an Jiaotong University etc many famous transmission technology research center. The productsof BK Company include energy feedback unit, Feedback compensation elevator energy-saving cabinet, centrifuge equipment energy saving cabinet, Special application machine for oil pumping unit and unify solution production, electrical energy quality product management SVG, APF and inverter surrounding product: brake unit, inverter, reactor and so on; Widelyproduct application area, completestandard, voltage and power range cover 220V,660V, 0.4-1000KW. The team of company technology has ten years long experience of industrial control product development and application, the management of product supplier have fifteen years inverter manufacture experience, have been working on inverter manufacture management around international and domesticwell-known enterprises for ten years.From the source of components, quality inspection of incoming, quality control process, production verification equipment, manufactureprocess, factory verification, service review and other link, established a complete regulatory measures,ensure product quality and traceability. Shenzhen Shell company continuousworking for industrial electrical energy feedback and oil field, elevator, centrifugal equipment, port hoistingindustry support creativeenergy-savingsolutions, products supply and technology service. Corporate vision Work hard together, unite as one, make "Shell"to be the famous brand in the industry; Make "Shell company"to be respected by customers and suppliers; Let "Shell employees"all have good job, their families have nice life. Management idea Company management is by customer as core, technology as fundamental, continuous innovation, get the trust, understanding and respect of customers and employees; Shareholders and employees are clear responsible and promoted direction, work together to establish the image of a great brand in the industry. Main products of company BKBU series- Energy consumption braking unit/braking lopper BKFG50 series- General type energy feedback unit BKFK50 series- Hoisting machine dedicated energy feedback unit BKFC50 series- Continuous energy feedback unit BKFL60 series- Elevator dedicated energy feedback unit BKMD80 series- Oil pumping unit dedicated controller BKMD81 series- Oil pumping unit dedicated integration control cabinet BKF800 series- Energy feedback system/PWM rectified feedback system BKSVG series- High/low voltage reactive power compensation device SVG BKAPF series- Active power filter

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24"x100" Graziano Sag 20
frequency inverter

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Nov 2017



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