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Shaanxi Creat Wit Technology Co., Ltd

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About Shaanxi Creat Wit Technology Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Creat Wit Technology Co. Ltd. (CW)is high-tech enterprise in Shaanxi province, China, which was restructured from Xi'an Thermal Pressure Instrument Factoryin July, 2006. It is mainly engaged in developing, manufacturingand sellingthe thermalindustriescalibration equipment, such asdead weight tester, temperature measurement and other calibrationinstruments. "Creat Wit" is a well-known brand in the field of pressure and temperature measurement and calibration in China.It is the first manufacturingenterprise in this field to be certified by the new version ISO9000/2008.Weparticipatedin drafting many national standardssuch as ‘'liquid piston pressure gauge", "gas piston pressure gauge'' and so on,obtainedthe national trademark certificate, and hasmanyindependent intellectual property rights and patentsawarded by national approvaland the licence for ‘'manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China''. Since establishment, we have been committed to the development of wide range, various accuracy level of the pressure, thermal testing equipment. At present,our pressure test equipment can be appliedto test quality , Metrology testing for all kinds of products(below1000 MPa), including pressure gauge, pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, pressure controllerand gas pressure reducer; thermal measuringand testingequipment can be used to measure and test differenttypes ofthermocouple, thermal resistance, secondary instrument accurately.Our products has been widely recognized and appliedin metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metering, railway, military industry and other industries, occupied a big part of the domestic market share, contributing muchto the development of Chinese instrumentindustry. Customers in China areNational Institute of Metrology, China Great Wall industry 304, National TMTC China thermal,Northwest Metrology institute, provincial Metrology institute, aviation,spaceflight,weapons industry,measurement centerand hundreds of related institutionsin China. Meanwhile, CW Company is also exploring the overseas markets actively. Our products have been exported to Europe, America and some other Asian countries. Our goal is to create international brandbelonging to China! Our services are as following: 1. Supply various thermal instruments: measuring tools, analytical instruments, environmentprotection instruments, various electronic measuring instruments, laboratory equipment, etc. and also provide consulting and customizedservices for related engineering projects. 2. Supply authoritative national, provincial verification and calibration services. 3. Supply lab services for Colleges Universities and institutions. Customer-focused, reliability and superior serviceare our standard. Looking forward to be your partner.

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24"x100" Graziano Sag 20
Pressure sensors
Pressure Gauges
Automatic pressing machine
pressure calibrator

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