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About Pure Precision

Since the fall of 2013 Pure-Precision has been producing quality affordable parts for the firearms, aerospace, and automotive industry. With the addition of several cnc swiss screw machines in late 2014 we expanded our product line and our capabilities for customers. Then again in the spring of 2016 we added 2 more cnc swiss machines to increase our part size and capacity. Through well cultured relationships with our vendors, happy employees, and lean manufacturing, we keep our overhead and costs low which allows us to pass that on to our customers. Also with highly accurate and efficient machinery that we take pride in maintaining, as well as great vendor relationships we have some of the most competitive lead times of shops our size and much larger. About the Owners Charles D Bell Owner/Operator/Head Machinist (and helpless without his wife) Attended Yavapai College for Gunsmithing 2006-2008 Graduated Most Outstanding Student 2008 Worked for McMillan Firearms Fall 2008- Spring 2012 Worked for McMillan Machine Spring 2012- Fall 2013 Attended Yavapai College for CNC machining engineering Fall 2011-Spring 2013 Taught Gunsmithing as Adjunct Faculty for Yavapai College Fall 2012-Spring2013 Started Pure-Precision in the fall of 2013 with a passion for the firearms industry and American Manufacturing. He is a high-speed individual with way to much to say, just call and ask! He loves his wife and the northwest, hunting, fishing, and camping. If your lucky enough to catch him sitting still, look for the crazy smirk, usually he's just had a crazy idea and it may not be safe. Marissa A Bell Business Manager/Shipping an Receiving/Inventory Control Specialist (AKA I count parts) Managed her own fitness business with her sister since she was 16 years of age. Attended Kaplan University for Business Management Fall 2012- Spring 2013 Work for Powill Manufacturing and Engineering Spring 2013- Fall 2013 When her husband, Charles Bell, came to her with the idea of starting their own machining business she knew nothing was going to stop him, so she held on tight and jumped in with both feet along side him. She is supportive and has a talent for communication and organization, also very good at following instruction and picking up new things, with this she follows close to her husband who is teaching her the firearms industry and she is learning at fast pace. Being a wife to Charles Bell is an adventure all together, one she is proud to be apart of.

Manufacturing Capabilities


CNC Machining, Milling & Turning, Screw/Swiss Machining


1 Tsugami np-17 cnc swiss screw machine (1/8-5/8”diameter various lengths) 1 Citizen Cincom F25 CNC
Tsugami np-17 cnc swiss screw machine (1/8-5/8”diameter various lengths)
Citizen Cincom F25 CNC swiss screw machine with live tooling (3/16”-1.0” diameter long lengths)
Fadal cnc machining center with 4th axis capability 15”x30” machining table
hardinge turret style chucker lathe (up to 1” diameter)

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Apr 2017



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United States