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Hi, and welcome to the EC Distributing web-site. I am Carroll Ford. Let me tell you about us - what we do and how we can help you move at the speed of light by using our products and services. I'm Carroll Ford the owner and creator of horsepower. From the time my Dad gave me Hot Wheels when I was five. I was hooked on racing. I switched from burning up the street in front of our house to attacking the go-kart track at the age of 12. I have been racing and building speed-mobiles ever since. My interest in building karts was inspired by a friend, a master tool and die maker, who helped put together my first go-kart. That was one lucky go-kart. I collected enough trophies to fill a room. Two years later with the aid of a Margay kart and a Yamaha KT-100 engine, I entered the adult class. I make a lot of waves because I was desperate to beat drivers twice my age. Racing, winning and hanging around E.C. Birt's local shop, bugging him and his employees with thousands of questions, was my whole life. EC finally had enough. He looked at me on day and said: "I am not going to educate you for free. If you want me to answer your questions you're going to have to help us put together the darts here in the shop." That's how I cut my teeth on how to build engines and fabricate and machine parts. I learned how to use a flow bench on a regular basis, helping EC record data for work racer motors and motorcycles. 1985 was my banner year. I not only furthered my racing career but I met the girl who changed my life. There I was at the local track watching a girl win a race. I couldn't believe it. I introduced myself to her at the finish line and fell in love the instant she took off her helmet. She was and is a knockout. She may have been my competitor on the track but she became my partner in 1987. We've been married over 15 years and have three kids - two boys and a girl - all up and coming racers themselves. Now that I was a husband and father, my dad suggested that maybe it was time to move from karting to the big time- NASCAR. We raced in the late model sportsman's class at Nashville Speedway. I was a quick study when it came to the "how to" of engine development and chassis design. Unfortunately I wasn't as speedy, and overcoming the incredible weight difference between a 300 lb. kart and a race car I felt like I was racing a Lincoln Continental at 120mph. I may not have reached the pinnacle in racing as a driver but I never lost my love of constructing the innards of karts and race cars. During my late model days, I conceived the idea for an air filter housing which improved horsepower by 15 hp. It was then, I started a company called Flow Control. It was soon a huge success, producing 20 different models and I even made a proto type for a famous NASCAR team. I lost my lucky star when NASCAR outlawed all air filters being used by NASCAR sanction racing. But, I was young and eager and knew I could find another path to success. I sold Flow Control to KN Engineering in Riverside, California. I returned to the track as an active participant in NASCAR Winston Cup racing - behind the scenes. I began as a fabricator and went on to become a Data Acquisition Analyzer, engine tuner, shop and track-side manager. Always searching for ways to improve my automotive and mechanical skills, I worked as a machinist at the automotive factory in my hometown of Dickson, Tennessee. I learned there how to run CNC machines. On rare days off, I continued to build karting engines and set up karts for the local racers. I started a kart shop on my property where they could buy parts for their machines. My shop became a smash. It was so vital to the local racing industry that I gave up my other work in order to concentrate full time on designing and manufacturing parts for go-karts. That's how Carroll LTD. came about - YOUR 1-STOP HORSEPOWER SHOP. Now for the new story. I went in to EC's shop one day in January to buy some parts for my shop and EC said Tick Terd (that's a nick name I got stuck with since I was little "who Knows why") Why don't you just buy my company? Well I just laughed and thought he is just kidding so I said: "O.K. you old goat here you go." I threw a figure on his desk, and well the rest is history. So as of February 1, 2004 my wife and I became the new owners of EC Tillotson USA

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