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Compton Arms Research and Manufacturing

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10850 Switzer Ave, Dallas, Texas 75238 MAP
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3D printing
Engineering & Design Services
Sheet Metal

About Compton Arms Research and Manufacturing

Compton Arms Research and Manufacturingis a full-service manufacturing company located in Dallas, Texas, USA. We have been manufacturing precision components and products for over 13 years. We have worked with clients from around the globe and in many industries including food service, beverage, medical, automotive, and firearms/small arms.100% of the products we develop and manufacture are made in the USA, and we source 100% or our materials from only U.S. suppliers and mills. We have a broad range of manufacturing and finishing capabilities and equipment. Our manufacturing capabilities include: 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling, and Turning Fabrication; Plasma cutting; TIG MIG welding Precision machining, and micro-drilling Laser Marking and Engraving Materials Science and Analysis Specialty materials manufacturing, including Titanium, Inconel, composites like Carbon Fiber, and others Optical Probing in our machines Type II Anodizing, Copper Gold Plating, E-Nickel plating, passivation Media blasting and mechanical polishing Packaging Design, and Engineered Packaging for Retail and Shipping Stereo Lithography and Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing of Carbon Fiber composites, Nylon, PLA, and other materials Coming Soon- Direct Metal Laser Sintering (3D Metal Printing) of Stainless Steel, Copper, and others In addition to our standard manufacturing capabilities, we are Federal Firearms Licensee and hold anFFL 07 for manufacturing firearms; and, we haveClass 2 SOTStatus allowing us to manufacture NFA devices. We also provide state of the art 3D CAD modeling, Engineering Services, material and system analysis, simulation and testing including Magnetic Part Inspection Load Stress Simulation Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Thermal Stress Analysis; and, Coating Thickness Measurement CONFIDENTIALITY Your privacy, intellectual property, and security are important to us. Any data, files, renderings, drawings, specifications or other relative information received by Compton Arms Research and Manufacturing is held in the strictest confidence and remains confidential. When you have a high-precision or high-priority manufacturing requirement, we look forward to working with you on your project

Manufacturing Capabilities

3D printing

Other 3D Printing

Engineering & Design Services


Other Fabrication, Sheet Metal Assembly, Structural (Heavy), Welding


CNC Machining, EDM, Milling & Turning, Screw/Swiss Machining

Sheet Metal



立式加工中心 CNC TAISHENG T6 带4轴
DMG Mori CMX 1100v w/ 4th axis
Wenzel Smart CMM

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FFL (Federal Firearms)

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Jul 2018



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United States