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About Camcraft 3D

Proudly American Made With over 30 years of CNC manufacturing experience, Camcraft 3D was born in Sugar Land, Texas, in 1998. Now located in our new manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas, we continue our tradition of producing the finest quality of custom CNC Machined components and custom architectural components available. With the combination of hand crafted art and state of the art equipment, Camcraft 3D produces the most sophisticated and complex Milling components and carvings available with the speed to keep even the largest projects on schedule. We work hand in hand with our clients to make their visions become 3-D art and physical models in a matter of days. Our manufacturing facility is located in Fort Worth, TX. We utilize a combination of state of the art CNC Routers - both single-head and multi-head routers - based on the size of the job in production. We have a total of 21 cutting heads available which enable us to keep up with even the most demanding pace. Additionally, we utilize the following software to create and produce high-quality, solid wood architectural components in quantity: • ArtCam Software • AutoCAD • Rhinoceros Please let us help you with any of your Milling projects - we will appreciate the consideration! For more about Camcraft 3D, please review our website at www.camcraft3d.com

Manufacturing Capabilities


Fabrication, Bending, Cutting, Drawing Fabrication, Forming, Lay-Up Fabrication, Other Fabrication, Punching, Structural (Heavy), Welding or Bonding


5 Axis Milling, Milling, Other Machining


Woodworking, Wood Assembly, Wood Fabrication, Wood Finishing, Wood Planing, Wood Routing & Drilling, Wood Turning


Manual lathes and mills
Okuma Cadet LNC 15
Chevalier CNC Milling
5 Axis Milling
Milling Components

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Mar 2017



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United States