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Electronics Manufacturing


CM INDUSTRIAL (HK) LIMITED(CHENMING ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURE COMPANY) is a professional processing company which has the abundant experience in the particular field of stamping mold design and manufacturing, stamping parts and CNC machining parts. The covering area of manufactory is 9600 square meters and the number of employees exceeded 250. Our management team has a multinational background and local engineers are experienced in working with various requirements of global customers. Additionally, TS 16949, ISO9001, GB/T 14001-2008etc, has been certificated by international associations. We have the most advanced equipments to ensure high precision and good quality of our products such as: High-Speed CNC, Precision EDM; Slow Wire-Cutting Machines, 45-450T Punching Machine; UK: INTEGRA 3-Dimensional Coordinate Machine. Besides designing and mold manufacturing, we also offer the OEM or ODM stamping parts and which covers: Automotive parts, Medical Equipment, Electronics, Office and Household products, Communication and Telecommunication facilities, Industrial parts etc. CM aims to provide the highest quality products with reasonable price to customers according to the schedule and this is the key value that guides us to operate the business.Whatever your requirements are, you will receive our quick response. If you have items or idea needed to quote, please be free to contact us with your 2D or 3D drawing.

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Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing, Other Electronics, PCB Assembly, Welding & Soldering


Mazak QTN250-II (14" OD x 36" Length)
metal stamping parts
Smart Machine Tools SM965

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ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001

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Nov 2016



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