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CK Manufacturing LLC

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330 Millwood Rd, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603 MAP
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Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Engineering & Design Services
Sheet Metal
Tube Modification

About CK Manufacturing LLC

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we are a steel product manufacturing company. We shear, bend, punch, form, weld, machine, and paint steel products.

Not only does CK manufacture a complete line of cattle control equipment, but our staff, equipment and facilities are large enough to accommodate custom welding projects. Whether you need one piece or a large production run, our 30,000 sq. ft. shop with 23’ high ceilings and a 10 ton crane is equipped for galvanized steel, mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel welding and fabrication.

Our Custom Welding Services Include:

Galvanized Steel Welding: Galvanized steel welding is a specialty of ours. Our shop ventilation and fresh air welding helmets allow our welders to handle the toxic nature of galvanized steel safely and effectively.

TIG / MIG / Stick Welding: TIG welding, MIG welding and stick welding demand a high level of skill and attention. We offer a diverse line of welding equipment to fill multiple applications.

Machining: When it comes to machining, we use a heavy duty Warner Swasey lathe.

Metal Sawing: For metal sawing, we use a Precision CNC bundle saw with 20”x20” capacity.

Tube Bending: Tube bending is available up to schedule 40 2 inch round or square tube.

Painting: Our paint booth is 20’x50’.

Metal Stairways and Handrails: We manufacture and install metal stairways and handrails.

Design Support: QCAD design and prints are available for your welding project.

Custom Welding & Fabrication Services from CK Manufacturing

Our well-equipped welding facility possesses the specialized resources required to generate tailored parts and equipment for a variety of industries. Contact us if you need welding and fabrication services for galvanized steel, mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Engineering & Design Services


Other Fabrication, Sheet Metal Assembly, Structural (Heavy), Welding


CNC Machining, EDM, Milling, Milling & Turning, Screw/Swiss Machining, Turning

Sheet Metal

Forming, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting


Tube Modification

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Jun 2020



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United States