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Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) is an Alaska Native Corporation providing a wide variety of services including support for defense and civilian government agencies in areas such as engineering, maintenance services, information technology, program support, base support, and product procurement. These services are provided through our holding company UIC Government Services, LLC and subsidiary companies known as the Bowhead family of companies. Collectively, we offer a breadth of services which we perform with a focus on quality results. Information Technology Logistics and Marine Manufacturingand Products Program Management and Operations Systems and Technology Bowhead Family of Companies Bowhead Business and Technology Solutions Bowhead Communications Services Bowhead Cybersecurity Solutions and Services Bowhead Information Technology Service Bowhead Innovative Products and Solutions Bowhead Integrated Support Services Bowhead Logistics Solutions Bowhead Manufacturing Company Bowhead Manufacturing Technologies Bowhead Operations and Maintenance Solutions Bowhead Professional Solutions Bowhead Science and Technology Bowhead Support Group Bowhead Systems Management Bowhead Total Enterprise Solutions C-Port Marine Services Ukpik We employ a unique mix of qualifications, experience, and culture to develop tailored solutions to both government and commercial customers' requirements.Our combined companiescurrently employ more than 2,600 dedicated and skilled professionals worldwide and have maintained steady growth throughout our history.

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