March 2018

Inspiring Supplier Successfully Discovers, Retains, and Repeats Business on the Marketplace

MARIETTA, GA – MARCH 6, 2018 – Machine Nunn CNC Shop, a small, North Carolina-based Supplier, has found great success on the marketplace. Recently, Shelly Nunn, co-owner of Machine Nunn CNC Shop, gave her insight in an exclusive interview into how Machine Nunn CNC Shop has utilized the marketplace to successfully discover and retain new business.

Top Supplier Utilizes the Marketplace to Fill Excess Capacity and Drive Future Growth

MARIETTA, GA – MARCH 8, 2018 – Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication, based in Salisbury, North Carolina, is a small job shop that specializes in custom one-off and small production. Recently, Mike Mitchell, President of Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication, gave his insight in an exclusive interview into how Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication has used the marketplace to fill excess capacity as well as their future growth plans.