February 2018

MFG.com Announces Access of the Supplier Discovery Guide to All Buyers

MARIETTA, GA – February 8, 2018 – MFG.com, the premier destination for Buyer and Supplier discovery, announces the access of the Supplier Discovery Guide to all Buyers. Previously, access to the guide required the assistance of a Buyer’s dedicated Sourcing Advisor. Now, Buyers are able to access the guide and take advantage of its wealth of information as they see fit. The opened Supplier Discovery Guide allows Buyers to more easily find the right Suppliers for their custom parts with or without completed engineered documentation.

Top MFG.com Supplier Achieves Over Half a Million Dollars in Sales from MFG.com Buyers

MARIETTA, GA – February 15, 2018 – Iowa-based job shop Kooima Company, a 5-star rated MFG.com Supplier, has been a member of the MFG.com marketplace for 2 years. Recently, Aaron Floen, Quoting Supervisor at Kooima Company, gave his insight in an exclusive interview into how Kooima has utilized the MFG.com marketplace to address several ongoing pain points of their business.