Growing Your Manufacturing Business With MFG and LinkedIn – Step 1

9 Steps to Selling the Right Customer


Leverage the Power of MFG

MFG provides a digital platform with 26 RFQ marketplaces for buyers to post their projects for free. As such, there are 1000’s of RFQs available on MFG that need manufacturers to make parts. These buyers come from all industries and have various needs and expectations.

As a member of MFG, you can easily see the part information on the RFQ as well as the buyer information. The part information should be used to identify the type of parts you like to make, and the buyer information should be used to identify the type of buyers you like to serve.

Once you’ve identified your perfect buyer, then you can begin building a relationship with them and increase the business you win.

“In Sales, the hard part is knowing who the buyer is, so you can engage and build a relationship. MFG eliminates that challenge by giving them to you on a silver platter.”

How to Use the Power of MFG for Success

Identify the type of parts that you want to make

There is an easy-to-use palette of RFQs that provide an image of the part, process, quantity, material, and other important manufacturing requirements. This allows you to easily scroll through the RFQs and identify part geometries, processes, or buyers that are aligned with your ideal customer and part profile.

Typically, shops can create efficiencies by focusing on part types that they have the experience and tooling needed to reduce cost and speed up production. These attributes can be part size, materials, geometries, quantities, and more.

The key is understanding these part types to maximize your profitability and be able to make a competitive offer to the buyer. It’s powerful for you to show the buyer parts that you have made that are similar to the RFQ parts. This builds trust fast!

Research the buyer that posted the parts

Equally important to the part type is the type of buyer. Again, you should have an ideal customer profile that you use to guide your prospecting. These buyer types could be industry, business size, or requirements.

By strategically engaging the best buyers for your business, you can increase your ability to win more business and keep your customers satisfied. You have a secret weapon with MFG when you can easily assess active RFQs from quality buyers and then hand pick the best buyers and parts for your business.

The MFG RFQ dashboard is your view into the hidden market of real manufacturing needs.

Stay tuned for the next in the series! Can’t wait? Download the guide now and get started growing your manufacturing business today.

“MFG is the unfair competitive advantage over your competition.”
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