Top Supplier Utilizes the Marketplace to Fill Excess Capacity and Drive Future Growth Supplier utilizes the marketplace to fill excess capacity for their business.
March 8, 2018

MARIETTA, GA – MARCH 8, 2018 – Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication, based in Salisbury, North Carolina, is a small job shop that specializes in custom one-off and small production. Recently, Mike Mitchell, President of Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication, gave his insight in an exclusive interview into how Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication has used the marketplace to fill excess capacity as well as their future growth plans.

Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication offers services in powder coating, laser cutting of rubber, laser etching of wood, welding, machining, spin casting, CNC cutting and more. Mike’s duties cover a wide range of tasks, including quoting orders, helping in production design, engineering and providing CAD designs and managing the day-to-day operations. After 5 years in business, Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication found themselves in a common business scenario among manufacturers; they had excess capacity and a need to fill it. They knew that their idle machines were not making them any money. Previously, they turned to word of mouth and print advertising to find new business, which was not the most cost effective option. Mike comments, “joining has helped us to find the work we needed for these machines, which in turn has increased our profits.” Andy Richardson, Vice President of Marketplace Sales at adds, “Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication knew they needed to fill their excess capacity and leveraged the marketplace as a resource to do that. As the premier destination for Buyer and Supplier discovery, we’ve been able to help our dedicated Suppliers, like Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication, keep their machines running.”

Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication has seen a significant increase in the amount of new business they’ve received in the short time they’ve been a member of In addition, they’ve developed long-term relationships with Buyers who have turned into repeat customers for them. They have found added success with the use of specific features of the marketplace, such as ShopIQ, which has helped them “hone their quoting skills”. In regards to retaining business, Mike states, “we are acquiring more long-term customers with repeat orders. is real and worth the investment.”

To learn more about how Mitchell’s Custom Fabrication has filled their excess capacity and gained repeat customers, click here.


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