Supply Chain Forum and Sourcing Portal Partnership Announced for Texas‐Mexico Region's Automotive Manufacturers

Connecting the Texas-Mexico Automotive SuperCluster Region
June 2, 2011

Buyers and suppliers of custom components for automotive manufacturing have a new tool to help connect them and facilitate further innovation within the Texas and Northeastern manufacturing industry. The Texas‐Mexico Automotive SuperCluster, or TMASC Portal is a new, customized sourcing portal specifically for this region, that was established by TMASC and, the largest global sourcing marketplace for the manufacturing industry.

The TMASC Portal intelligently connects buyers and suppliers of custom manufactured components. This partnership program strengthens the TMASC manufacturing community, spurring local economic development and providing local sourcing solutions to TMASC manufacturers. Sourcing professionals & engineers gain access to a responsive and rated supply base with open capacity and capabilities, while suppliers gain access to new potential customers and markets.

"The TMASC manufacturing portal is just one way in which we can help enable the manufacturing community in the Texas‐Mexico automotive region," said Roger Blumberg, Vice President of Business Development at "We are proud to be part of this initiative and provide a comprehensive platform that intelligently connects buyers and suppliers at the moment they need each other."

The Texas‐Mexico Automotive SuperCluster (TMASC), an initiative of the Bexar County Economic Development Department, is a collaborative marketing strategy aimed at developing and diversifying the automotive industry throughout the five‐state border region to generate long‐term economic benefits. TMASC was created to leverage the changing geography of automotive assembly and automotive markets in North America, as well as to build upon the region's existing global brands and innovative assets. Already well‐positioned, the region is home to nine global vehicle manufacturers and over 200 Tier 1 original equipment suppliers who employ 133,000 workers and occupy almost 37 million square feet of facilities.

Last week Bexar County hosted an exclusive TMASC Supply Chain forum for automotive manufacturers, logistic providers and local government representatives. The goals were to: Strengthen and leverage public‐private partnerships for resilience; Provide an overview on the impact of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami; Provide a forum for businesses to discuss and share their lessons and insights; and Identify ways to improve organizational resilience in the event of future disruptions.

"We are always looking for innovative ways to support manufacturing and industrial growth in our region, such as through our partnership with," said Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff. "Manufacturing — particularly automotive manufacturing — is an incomparable engine for driving economic activity, job creation, skills and technology development, and capital investment."

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Bexar County Economic Development Department
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