Inspiring Supplier Successfully Discovers, Retains, and Repeats Business on the Marketplace Supplier Discovers, Retains, and Repeats New Business
March 6, 2018

MARIETTA, GA – MARCH 6, 2018 – Machine Nunn CNC Shop, a small, North Carolina-based Supplier, has found great success on the marketplace. Recently, Shelly Nunn, co-owner of Machine Nunn CNC Shop, gave her insight in an exclusive interview into how Machine Nunn CNC Shop has utilized the marketplace to successfully discover and retain new business.

Beginning as a small gun and gunsmith shop in 2012, Machine Nunn CNC Shop initially struggled to compete against the big box stores and online retailers, much like many other small family businesses. To combat this problem, the leadership at Machine Nunn CNC Shop made the decision to shift their focus to custom gun work and machining. Within a year of making that decision, they had brand new mill and lathe machines, and they haven’t looked back since. Because the business is on their property, the machines run twenty hours per day with Shelly and her team working in different capacities, including machining, programming, gunsmithing, quoting and more. In addition, this has opened the door for Machine Nunn CNC Shop to do business in different industries. Shelly states, “we are in the heart of NASCAR, so a lot of our work is in that area. We do work for other forms of racing, as well as aviation, firearms, motorcycles and more.”

Being a small, family-owned shop, Machine Nunn CNC Shop had a few pain points they needed to address. Initially, they struggled in their first year with quoting and getting the right jobs to fit their capabilities. Others were constantly giving them feedback on how they should be charging, quoting, etc. However, Shelly knew they needed to find a solution to these pain points themselves. “I am the type that tries not to get caught up in what others say. I felt we needed to figure it out ourselves, and we eventually did,” Shelly comments.

A random Google search of “Machining RFQs” brought across Shelly’s path. Shelly visited the website and requested a trial. Once an sales representative contacted her, she knew it was “a dream come true and could be a game changer” for their business. Shelly initially thought that’s marketplace was “too good to be true.” However, “it wasn’t, and we’ve been an member ever since,” she states. Andy Richardson, Vice President of Marketplace Sales for adds, “ makes it easy for Buyers and Suppliers to discover each other. Suppliers look to us for leads to grow their business, diversify their customer portfolio, and also as resource to discover Buyers in order to fill excess capacity and keep their machines running. Machine Nunn CNC Shop has done all three by taking full advantage of the opportunities our marketplace has to offer.”

The biggest gain for Machine Nunn CNC Shop, Shelly states, is that they have figured out what they need to do in order to be more competitive, such as re-evaluating their shipping method and hourly rate, removing their programming fees and doing what works for them. They also placed a focus on receiving good Buyer ratings, which they’ve used to gain repeat business. Shelly comments, “being a small shop is what a lot of customers were wanting, and we are able to provide that personalized service.”

Now that Machine Nunn CNC Shop has utilized the marketplace to find, retain and repeat business, their focus is on making their future goals a reality, including taking advantage of additional business opportunities on Shelly states, “We’d like to add another machine within the next year and maybe get into the fabrication side, because there is plenty of fabrication work on the marketplace to be had.”

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