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What is Sand Mold Casting?

Sand Mold Casting is a process which involves pouring molten metal into an expendable mold made from a sand or sand/clay mixture. A mold is formed by packing sand around a “Pattern” or replica of the part to be cast. The sand is contained in a box or frame known as a “flask”. The mold is typically made in two halves. The mold surfaces are lubricated to facilitate casting removal, the cores are positioned, and the mold halves are closed and securely clamped together. The molten metal held in a furnace is poured into the mold. The pouring can be done manually or automatically. The metal begins to solidify when poured into the mold. Shrinkage can occur when cooled and is accounted for in the mold pattern. The surrounding sand mold is broken and the casting is removed. The sand removal can be done by a vibrating machine. Shot blasting is often used to remove any excess sand and improve the surface finish. The excess metal material from the runner channels is cut off the casting and can be treated and reused.

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Fish Plate

RFQ ID: 1175469
This RFQ was sourced on MFG from Utah, United States.
Large Part
This RFQ was sourced on MFG from Virginia, United States for the MANUFACTURING,TEXTILE,PACKAGING industry.
Large Part