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What is Investment Casting?

Investment Casting is a process which uses a heat disposable pattern that is coated with several layers of hardened ceramic slurry to form a ceramic shell mold. The process is sometimes referred to as “Lost-wax” casting. The patterns are usually molded from a wax-like or melt-able plastic material. A disposable pattern must be molded for every part cast. Multiple patterns can be assembled into one large pattern know as a “tree” to be cast in one batch pour. The pattern material is then melted out of the ceramic shell in a furnace. The ceramic mold is secured and the part material (metal) is then gravity poured into the mold. Once the casting has cooled and solidified, the ceramic shell is broken away and the parts are separated and cleaned. This process is suitable for most metals including: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Brass, Bronze, Cobalt, Aluminum, Nickle, and Iron.

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Pivot Socket

RFQ ID: 1192254
This RFQ was sourced on MFG from Illinois, United States.
Large Part

Intake Runners

RFQ ID: 1192581
This RFQ was sourced on MFG from Tennessee, United States for the MANUFACTURING,TEXTILE,PACKAGING industry.
Large Part