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??, ?? (Guangdong)



Joyelife Technology Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Kaihong Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ningbo, ?? (Zhejiang)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Founded in 1997, Ningbo Kaihong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that produces various electronic gifts and other goods. Equipped with excellent facilities and with professional technicians including over ten senior engineers, we can satisfy customers' needs quickly and effectively. 

The Sentral Group

Lincolnshire, Illinois

Vikest Opto Electrical Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou, ?? (Guangdong)



Vikest  as a combination of electrical and electronic products companies which covers multiple segments ,like LED lighting products :such as the led strip , led shoot light ,ceiling light ,led bulb,led car light and so on .
Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances.
We are duty bound tuned towards introducing products that are consistent in quality, technology, innovation and that provides our customers, value for their investment. Today we strive not to satisfy our customers but to exceed their expectations through a solid after sales service backup, undoubtedly the best in the world.Vikest is a constantly evolving brand experience and its success could be attributed to the long term vision of its promoters, the trained professionals that are the helm of affairs.

Shenzhen Shotone Technology Co.Ltd

Shenzhen, ?? (Guangdong)



Shenzhen Shotone Technology established in 2005 located in Shenzhen of China.The company is a leader in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of many consumer products with a factory's area over 10,000 square meters totally and employees of over 100-200.


Shenzhen Shotone Technology is a diversified company offering a spectrum of products:Portable DVD player,Tablet PC, Car recorder/camera, MID,Power bank,Wirless Headphone and Audio products.


The Company's products, which are recognized by millions of worldwide users, incorporate leading edge technologies for everyday life, while providing edges over competition in function and cost. The Company continues to lead the industry based on its commitment to innovation, quality and low cost.


Shenzhen Shotone Technology is an on-going commitment to technical innovation and investing money and manpower in R&D.We have built long term strategic cooperation with famous IC suppliers, such as RockChip,BoxChip(Allwinner) MTK, SUNPLUS, Ambarella, SQ and HITACHI. We understand innovation drives this business and we continue to identify, create technologies and develop them into products that are innovative and useful for people's everyday life.Our top-notch R&D, teamed up with the ISO2000-certified factory and highly efficient customer-oriented sales forces, has created a formidable system for bringing out new products rapidly.


The company strengths lie in a broad and effective global distribution channel, manufacturing capabilities and brand recognition.We recognize that an important part of our future success hinges on our ability to be responsive to our customer's needs. We place a high premium on developing long-term strategic relationships with our customers and channel partners, with an emphasis on proactive support ensuring their needs are met.


We know a solid business relationship is based on mutual trust, respect and understanding of each party's expectations. We are interested in identifying mutual goals and implementing the necessary strategies for reaching these goals with customers. Only through joint forces, it will be possible to build a long-term mutually beneficial business through synergy.


With those commitments,Shenzhen Shotone Technology will continue to serve our worldwide customer and all the people with endless and innovative consumer electronic products.


Please review the website for more information.


Huaian City, ?? (Jiangsu)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Ding Sheng Technology Limited

, ?? (Zhejiang)



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