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Les OLMES, Rhône-Alpes


Villeurbanne, Rhône-Alpes

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



济南, 山东 (Shandong)



Kingstyle Metal Pigments Sciences & Technology Co. Ltd. is the professional production base of aluminum paste. The products have independent intellectual property rights, and its production technology is close to the leading level of the industry. The products have gained widespread recognition and compliment of customers and have been widely used in replace of imported products.

In strict accordance with ISO1247-1974 (E) and HG/T2456-93 standards, the company adopts raw materials, additives and solvents with high purity and high–quality, producing the aluminum paste with purity and a high–degree consistency. At the same time, with the assistance of the micro–detection equipment and more practical and reliable means of detection, the quality and the consistency are strictly controlled.                      

   The aluminum paste produced in the company can be widely used in motor vehicles and their accessories, motorcycles paints, bicycles paints, plastic paints, paint of ships, the roof paints, coil coating, ink and other fields.



Shanxi Kingsun Chemical Co., Ltd

Yuncheng City, ?? (Shanxi)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



San Diego, California

Mfgr Rep / Broker / Trading House


Sharon Eucce is PackagingChic. She represents Utah Paperbox (UPB), a paperboard packaging converter that prides itself on relationships with customers, employees & vendors.


Typical products from UPB and PackagingChic:

  • ·         Custom folding cartons
  • ·         Rigid set up boxes
  • ·         Litho laminate packaging
  • ·         Corrugated shelf displays


Sharon has found her niche selling & consulting in

  • ·         Cosmetics
  • ·         Fashion
  • ·         Household goods
  • ·         Tech
  • ·         Confectionery packaging


Some customers are startups and some are large corporations. 

Main line equipment builds millions of cartons for UPB's customers each year, but it is the special equipment that sets us apart. These machines, used in combination, allow UPB to produce unique yet affordable rigid boxes, litho lam cartons and regular folding cartons.



All in-house at UPB:

  • ·         CAD samples
  • ·         Custom & specialty ink formulations
  • ·         Printing
  • ·         Cutting dies
  • ·         Foil stamping/embossing
  • ·         Laminating
  • ·         Windowing
  • ·         Diecutting/blanking
  • ·         Fold/gluing


surat industries

Surat, Gujarat



Proveedor Empaque Mexico

Monterrey, Nuevo León




BURSA, Bursa

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Burçak Metal was established as Burçak Machinery by Saban
Demiroglu in Bursa in 1998. In the beginning the company
produced shock absorber parts for the automotive industry. By
increasing its machinery with adding index automats, Burçak
expanded not only to automotive sector but also started to
produce parts for appliance manufacturers, machine producers
and furniture makers.
In 2002 the company name was changed and registered as
“Burçak Metal Company”. The company constantly improved it
machinery by adding additional index automats and swiss type
automatic machines and invested in research and development
for the machine sector. In the same year Burçak Metal invested
in CNC Lathe machines to further increase production quality.
In addition, Burcak Metal started to apply Quality Control
System and in 2003 was awarded the RWTUV Highest Quality
Control System Document:ISO 9001:2000
Burçak Metal increases its market share by concentrating on
customer satisfaction and high quality philosophy. It has also
increased its equipment with CNC Lathes, 6 spindle automats, C
Axis CNC Lathes, swiss type automatic CNC machines. With this
large variety of equipment, Burçak metal continues to produce
parts for major suppliers of; TOFAS, RENAULT, TOYOTA, FORD
The Company pays close attention to people and environmental
issues. By 2007 Burçak Metal moved to 3000m2 new factory
site in Nilufer Organized Industrial Area. In this new location, all
departments, production, planning, purchasing, quality control
and human resources are collected together with a personnel
of 45 for a monthly production figure of 3.000.000 items for
automotive, appliance, furniture and machinery sectors.